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  1. NoFap, 30 DAYS WITHOUT PORNOGRAPHY! Practicing seminal retention and sexual transmutation; doing Chi massage and meditation; taking showers with cold showers, to calm the fire of the body; lots of workout, running and kung fu to burn off excess testosterone. More self-control, more confidence, less agitation, more serenity. Realizing my life goals, using well the many hours I spent daily consuming pornography and masturbating or, worse, practicing unruly and promiscuous sex. My sexual desire is stronger than ever, but without despair, under control, a healthy sexuality, which has no hurry or despair. After seven years plunged into thinking about the PMO addiction, I feel free and light, peaceful, happy and satisfied with the new life I am beginning to experience from that reboot. I tell you: IT IS POSSIBLE! We are together! #availabletofighttogether
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    33 Days !!! Excellent Post !!!! Very Positive !!!!!!!
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    good luck, keep yourself controlled

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