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    We all know that generic saying "New Year New Me".
    Usually this quote is exchanged with a sarcastic scoff or a roll of the eye from the 3rd party; however, I've tooken in more appreciation of this term.
    Since my breakup last year around March (I know it's been almost a year get over it right?), I've gone out of my way (thank god) to seek my own path and renew my mind/spirit. In other words, I realised how dependent I was on other people's opinions to motivate myself to do things when internally I wasn't in-tune with myself at all.
    Over the past several months, gym routines, a healthier diet (I started learning how to cook, and it's saved my college budget so much), and more time dedicated to myself. Not forcing myself to interact with others that won't contribute positively to my life anyways.
    I heard about NoFap a couple weeks ago, and laughed at the idea for a while until I entered a very lonely period of time in my life. I don't know if I am addicted to porn exactly (I don't really feel a strong temptation to do it more than twice a week), but I am intrigued in the idea of experiencing a spiritual/mental awakening or development in my life.
    I am still very young, but have noticed that many of my peers and people my age severely limit their potential with distractions, and I want to make sure that I do not follow their pace, and instead my own.
    And that brings me here with my first post. I'm looking forward to what this has in store for me, and it brings along with it a community of supporters, positive vibes, and a common mind towards self-improvement.
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    Hey, welcome!
    That's already quite strong.
    Good luck!

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