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    I'd like to share a bit of knowdledge about addictions for I am a doctor in real life.

    There are three types of dependencies :

    Physical dependence, psychological dependence and environmental dependence.

    - Physical dependence is defined by the existence of a physical withdrawal syndrome ;

    - Psychological dependence pushes to consume to numb negative emotions (or even positives sometime);

    - Environmental dependence encourages group consumption of drugs (party and ectasy, etc;)).

    For conventional drugs/alcohol, it is recommended to aim for total abstinence if the patient is physically dependent, otherwise the patient will always relapse.

    I don't know about PA, because it's "quite" new, but even with some behavioral addictions (such as gamble addiction), we recommand total abstinence.

    I guess, for those of us who have presented a strong withdrawal syndrome, that we have to abstain masturbating for life...

    Yeah.... (sarcasm)

    Stay brave bros
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    I think you are right in that the different types are interlinked. If you have an addictive personality and do not abstain from one type, it can easily lead to breakdowns or relapses of a different nature.

    For me 2 weeks PMO + O free, 2 weeks drug free, 1 week alcohol free :)

    Good luck with fighting the good fight bro!
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    Wooooo cold turkey on every thing ?!

    Nice ;)

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