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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Electronx, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. Electronx

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    After 42 days of nofap hardmode even no lust and now I am feeling laziness, I follow a strict time table for my studies, even though I study late at night if my daily time table is not completed but today from morning, I am feeling like lazy, I have even not studied a single subject
    Not only this but also I am getting distracted from nofap by the thoughts of my mind like --
    " I have been doing nofap from last 6 weeks but I am not getting any of the excepted benefits, I should relapse now "
  2. Abel100%

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    Alto No recargas, quizás sea tu cerebro, que te envía señales engañadoras .... Yo voy por el día 13 libre, pero he tenido mis episodios de tristeza, libido en cero , Soledad , pero Correr a una PMO, eso en que me beneficia? Es útil para me autoestima? Cómo me sentiré después de recaer? Valoremos cada día que sumamos ...Ánimo
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    Motivation waxes and wanes, I daresay you'll come out the other side of it. Personally I'm a morning guy, so tend to prefer a few early nights and just wake up and crack on the next day instead of trying to burn the candle both ends.
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