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    I do not call this mission of abstinence from masturbation and Uncontrolled detrimental self gratification as 'NoFap' , but ब्रह्मचर्य(brahmacharya).
    What is brahmacharya?
    Brahmacharya is acharan(behaviour) in brahma(the omnipresent, the omniscient, the omnipotent, the witness of all, the Eternal mother, the genesis of all, and the end of all- brahma).
    One cannot experience Brahma if one is filled with lust and attachment with this body and mind. Conquering the desires implies graduating from limited bodily consciousness to the higher levels of consciousness.
    The Hindu shastras hold, brahmacharya as a prerequisite to yoga(not talking about western stereotype of yoga).
    All the great saints and sages, even great warriors in the hindu folk lore practiced brahmacharya. e.g., Shuka muni, Ved-vyasa, Nara-narayana, Dhruva, Prahlad, Hanuman, Bhishma. Even modern saints like Swami Vivekananda, babaji, Swami Ramsukhdas, Swami Shivananda and many more were Brahmacharins.
    Brahmacharya is a stepping stone to a Seeker of the highest truth, be it from the path of yoga, mimamsa(philosophy), devotion (bhakti), or selfless service(karmayoga) etc.
    One of the Seven Sages(saptrishi) Yagyavalkya says:-
    कायेन मनसा वाचा सर्व-अवस्थासु सर्वदा।
    सर्वत्र मैथुन त्यागो ब्रह्मचर्य प्रचक्षते ॥
    "Sacrificing sex in body, mind and words, in all times and circumstances is brahmacharya."
    He holds that abstinence from detrimental sexual behaviour is not just about not having sex, or not allowing any kind of seminal flow outside the body. He says, if a brahmacharin doesn't observe abstinence in his mind, he is like a frog who falls on earth despite his passion for flying high with every jump. Conquering the mind is conquering the world. And the seed of sexual addiction is the greatest hurdle in conquering one's mind. Hence, being vigilant of one's mental activity and observing brahmacharya in one's mind is of paramount importance. It will automatically ensure complete self control, be it for spiritual or material purposes.
    Steel strong Resolution is the key for winning such a titanic challenge. One must always remember his goal of life, and ensure each of his activity should always directly or indirectly fulfil that goal. If NoFap is your goal then it is bound to fail, but if it is a means to a greater end, it probably will succeed. But such a goal should define your life. Goal and life then should become one. Even if a little subconscious carelessness towards that goal exists, your mind will surely learn a way to deceive you today or tomorrow. Hence, explore, and make something out of this great opportunity we have got, i.e.,LIFE. Give a purpose to your existence and pursue it with full power, without wasting it in useless activities and exploiting pleasure cheatcodes, which are detrimental in the long run.
    Brahmacharya is the great grand highway of my spiritual journey. Although I started it in 2015, but I fell miserably. But today, once again, I am reaffirming this covenant with full dedication and power at my disposal.
    ।।हरि: ॐ तत् सत्।।
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