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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by koruniver111, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. koruniver111

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    Hello. (My mother tongue is not English...So, please understand any grammatical errors)
    I'm just a normal man who is trying to stop PMO like other people.
    I have a problem these days...

    During the recovery process(in 9th~10th day...I guess...),
    my semen leaks due to hard erections... I didn't see any pornographic images or videos,
    and I didn't have any intentions to leak my semen like this, and this is frustrating.
    I really want to maintain my lifestyle of abstinence. But, because of the leaking,
    it's hard to continue my abstinent lifestyle.
    Is this kind of 'leaking' common for all people who want to stop PMO?
    I really want to get an answer about this problem...
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  2. fg4795

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    It is my friend, I don't know what your habits was, but let say you were doing it 1 time per day, your body got used to product an amount of semen for this, right?
    Now the first days will be tough because you will have a lot of unused semen, you just have to find a way to use your energies wisely and this will reduce the leaking because you used more energy thanks to the semes :)
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  3. @fg4795 is correct. Don't worry about this leaking. Your body gets rid of excess semen (before it goes rotten!) however it can. Just clean yourself off as best you can until it stops happening.
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  4. Muhammad99

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    Don't be too hard on yourself.
    It's natural.
    Just focus on staying away from watching all sexually induced content whether it porn or movies. You'll be fine.
    Don't Worry. You're gonna do this. I know you can.
    Cheer up my man
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  5. WanderTruth

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    I see. Idk about you, maybe you want to "keep" semen(sorry, my poor vocabulary). But i think the whole point of NF is to change the mind, the addiction to P, not about the semen. So what you encounter might actually be normal and physiologically :v. As long as you dont watch P, you are more than OK
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  6. canadianboy23

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    happened to me aswell. Common at the start of streak and becomes more rare the farther into your streak. Totally normal
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