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    Well, hello guys, how you have been doing lately? I hope you all are well and have success defeating this monster called "pornography".

    I would like to share with you a small tip about the technique of journaling. As you already know, to journal and write down your thoughts and urges, is really helpful... It could make you be a lot more focused and it could make this battle easier, but... Personally, I've been doing it not quite right. What do I mean by that? Well, it's simple, but I must say to you that what is working for me, could not work for you too, but who knows... Give it a try.

    Until now I used to write down about my urges and about the circumstances I've been in those moments, right at the time I was having an urge. My mind was being flooded by flasbacks, dark thoughts about giving up, but how was I writing down what is happening with me in that moment, I don't know... I felt like the urges didn't subside, but rather amplify. What I've been doing wrong about journaling is that I used to write down about my feelings right then in the moment and this didn't help me at all. Actually, I find it a lot better to write down about the urges when you feel none, when your mind is relaxed and when you are able to take a decision. Don't do the same mistake and write about it right in the moment, because that is time when your mind is clouded and you really won't going to see any progress using this strategy.

    I must repeat myself. This way of journaling is working better for me, but it could not work for you too. Everyone is different. Even if this thing it not might be a big deal, I felt obliged somehow to share with you this little tip. By the way, this is my first post on a forum about porn addiction and just forgive me if I don't write and express myself very correct, because I am not a native english speaker.
    Good luck on your journey! ;)
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    I think you are right. Writing while dealing with an extreme urge left me irritable and misanthropic. I am just starting a new streak and writing serenely has helped me overcome many previous addictions.
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