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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by DerNeuMann, Nov 13, 2017.

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    This type of challenge seems like it is reasonably doable. Let’s get it!
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    Awesome, do it! Any idea what you want your first goal to be?
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    The thing that I'm afraid of the most is that those symptoms may affect the way I treat certain people and, I really don't want that to happen.
    And how long those symptoms may last? (in the worst scenario)
    I'll continue to update here once in a while, thanks.

    Day 4 btw
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  4. Day 5 of 7. I am getting closer to my goal!
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    Day 33/45. Working hard on my project. Things are going well. I am going to finish it very soon. Staying alert for urges, but honestly they are few and far apart.

    Good going, day 4!
    The thing is, nobody is going to know how long you are going to have problems. You cannot know. So you must adopt the mindset to persevere indefinantly, while having faith in progress and trusting that you will eventually get better. Otherwise, you start looking for a way out. And all the ways out are not really ways out, but detours. You will just postpone progress and maybe even set yourself back, and sooner or later you will have to get back on the right track.
    So you see, the only "way out" is the way in. You have to go deeper, face the problems. Live with them, accept them. And this is very hard to do. Very demanding and challenging. But it's the best thing you will ever do.

    I wish you a speedy recovery. With exercise, good sleeping pattern and a healthy diet, you will recover faster. Reach your goals and set new ones, that can be reached. Keep it simple, go steady. Don't overexert yourself, be economic, and slowly but steadily you will begin to see improvement.

    Good job, now keep going!
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    you will be fine man just keep going
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    120 Day Update - Did you say you needed inspiration to motivate yourself?

    Guys, let me tell you what the real goal is. Liberation to make a choice.

    At 120 days I feel like I have a choice and pmo is no longer choosing for me. I can choose to fap or not masturbate and I choose not to pmo. I choose no going back. I choose the benefits over the shame. I choose freedom, a freedom that I haven't felt as an adult because compulsive pmo was controlling me. Some of you are having difficulty getting past a week or two. I know that difficulty. I lived it for a long time and I know your pain and frustration intimately.

    120 days ago, I decided I wouldn't look back this time. I would do whatever it took to beat pmo. Enough is enough. I would suffer the same long sleepless tortuous nights you're experiencing with my mind and body aching to fap. Long tired days at work trying to cope with little sleep and sometimes insane and almost burning urges, the super-sensitivity in the penis that makes you so close to release that you know the slightest rub will do it. The horrible flatlines and the mood swings from happy to deep sadness.

    But I did it and if a weakling like me can do it then so can you. You just have to decide that there is no going back to the old you. You just have to decide that no matter how bad the withdrawal is, it's better than fapping your life away. You have to decide to do WHATEVER IT TAKES! Ditch social media, stop watching youtube, hide your phone, lock your computer, fasten your pants with a safety pin, wear jeans to bed, WHATEVER IT TAKES.

    The reward is this: freedom and control. Three short months. Three short months and freedom and control will be within your grasp. WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR THREE SHORT MONTHS. Take your life back and crawl out of that dark pit.
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    4/8 and Ju Jitsu tonight. Cannot wait for Sensei to run me ragged tonight. Feeling good. Had an urge today, went for my phone but then laughed and put it down. Was thinking what would I achieve by giving in? Loss of focus tonight, guilt, shame, loss of four days.

    I feel proud of myself
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    One week. I’m going to try to not focus that much on the amount of days.

    I feel that my body and brain is becoming more sensitive, so I have to avoid certain mistakes. Most of the time I give in around day 10 and 20. So I have to be sharp the coming days. Luckily I’m busy this weekend, but still.
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    This is the highest streak and no PM of my life. I never stopped for such a long period. This is first time in my life that I have reached to 37 days without PM ;)
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  16. 6 of 7. It is getting really close now
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    day 15/21 getting ready for my valentine next weekend :)
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    Okay, I'm back! Purposefully failed my last challenge.. I needed my discipline for more important stuff. Also I felt that my mind got too occupied thinking about PMO while on nofap. This left my being even more unproductive.

    But: The future is golden and by now I have enough resources to pursue nofap again. So here we go!!

    0/2 (staying humble...)
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    Day 29 :)

    Feeling anxiety today. Headache is there. I am not thinking about anything.
    Sure it is for a day or two. Will get recover soon.
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    You raise a good point. It's true that urges can make you think about pmo more in the early weeks because your brain is working full time to try and get you to relapse. But try and think of this another way. You actually missed a golden opportunity to get past some days. Because you needed your discipline for something else, next time you might consider concentrating your discipline on that thing without purposely relapsing. By concentrating your discipline in the other direction, you might better keep your mind off of pmo and urges with that distraction and might have several days behind you. Use those other things to keep your mind on your life, work, studies, etc. Think about it. If you jack off every time you need to concentrate on a life event or task, then there will never be an end to pmo because those things become more numerous as you age, not less numerous. Believe me, I totally understand your thinking on this; I used to use that excuse myself.
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