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  1. FEEL

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    My goals of NoFap :
    *Abstain from porn (20 days) -
    *Abstain from masturbation (20 days) -
    *Abstain from sexual content of any kind (20 days) -
  2. Wiktor.sta

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    My goals:
    -Get my psyhique back
    -Get my schedule back
    -Get my confidence back
    -Get rid of acne
    -Get rid of bad thoughts

    Thank you for motivation
    And i fuck the counter
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  3. TC10

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    I’m okay guys. Good to read all your posts.
    Mate it’s okay. Don’t worry. Be careful, the chaser effect can try to trick you.

    Take care!
    Good. All the best.
  4. ameliorate

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    The last few days have been hard. Was abominably hungover yesterday, in a low mood, and had the apartment to myself. Came very close to spiraling down the internet drain hole, but fortunately was able to distract myself with other things.

    Good luck AiLy. Sorry to hear you relapsed, but I'm optimistic you can learn from it and go even longer this time.
  5. ameliorate

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    Some thoughts I've had recently on motivation and self-improvement, for whoever's interested.

    I've started trying to think of porn in terms of standards. There are two types of goals for self-improvement: aspirations (a higher level we want to reach), and standards (a level below which we don't want to fall). For most people, motivation probably works better when it's framed in terms of raising standards rather than meeting aspirations.

    Here's a financial analogy. If you asked someone who is financially secure to earn an additional $5K a year, they would probably struggle to find the motivation. But if that same person suddenly lost all their savings and was at risk of missing rent payments, they wouldn't hesitate to find a part-time job, freelance, drive for uber, etc. and basically do all they can to put away a basic $5K buffer of savings.

    For quitting porn, I'm not thinking in terms of aspirations. I'm not aspiring to be the type of person who can reach a 90 day streak. Instead, I'm thinking in terms of standards. I'm trying to see myself as a person who, no matter how low he falls in all other areas of his life, will not fall low enough to use porn.
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  6. Leaveit

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  7. asbgca

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    Day 70/70 no pmo or casual sex
    Day 1/10 no edging or fantasies

    Lots of ups and downs lately. But I know that my brain is adjusting to the new reality of nofap. Not craving sex or attention is becoming my new normal.
  8. Rocky11234

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    I had wet dreams again today. I don't why it is happening like almost everyday.. in last 8 days i had wet dream on 4 days .. really tired, hopeless, extreme anxiety :(
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    day 45/90. i am at half of the challenge. as i said other times i am learning reboot is not a simple thread, it is difficult, many times i feel alone, in darkness, my brain lies it is unuseful. i resist all that because i want to enjoy life. i start to connect with others, to improve my social life with a clearer mind, more energy. i am improving my life going to gym, reading when i take bus to go on work, listening music and having meditation. when i can i watch a cinema movie or go for a walk in the park. it takes time, but i am engaging in the life i dream
  10. Wiktor.sta

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  11. Sharavana

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    Well 365 is mine.
    My counter is 8 as of today..
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  12. Good job man for not giving up
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  13. Day three was yesterday just a late entry. Good job everyone!
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  14. jest

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    A very interesting kind of challenge, I guess I'm late to the party but joining right this second. My goal is to reach 8 days since I always relapse after a week.

    Good luck to those currently doing this!
  15. ameliorate

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    Let's go for a month. 21/30.
  16. Deth

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    Makes me super happy to see you all still fighting the good fight every day :) I am too, even if I can't be here that often anymore. Cheers!
  17. 4 days in now some.days are a lot easier than others.
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