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A Progressive Challenge-A different kind of challenge- all levels

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by DerNeuMann, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Rocky11234

    Rocky11234 Fapstronaut

    I had wet dreams again today. I don't why it is happening like almost everyday.. in last 8 days i had wet dream on 4 days .. really tired, hopeless, extreme anxiety :(
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  2. max9292

    max9292 Fapstronaut

    day 45/90. i am at half of the challenge. as i said other times i am learning reboot is not a simple thread, it is difficult, many times i feel alone, in darkness, my brain lies it is unuseful. i resist all that because i want to enjoy life. i start to connect with others, to improve my social life with a clearer mind, more energy. i am improving my life going to gym, reading when i take bus to go on work, listening music and having meditation. when i can i watch a cinema movie or go for a walk in the park. it takes time, but i am engaging in the life i dream
  3. Wiktor.sta

    Wiktor.sta Fapstronaut

  4. Sharavana

    Sharavana Fapstronaut

    Well 365 is mine.
    My counter is 8 as of today..
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  5. Good job man for not giving up
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  6. Day three was yesterday just a late entry. Good job everyone!
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  7. jest

    jest Fapstronaut

    A very interesting kind of challenge, I guess I'm late to the party but joining right this second. My goal is to reach 8 days since I always relapse after a week.

    Good luck to those currently doing this!
  8. ameliorate

    ameliorate Fapstronaut


    Let's go for a month. 21/30.
  9. Deth

    Deth Fapstronaut

    Makes me super happy to see you all still fighting the good fight every day :) I am too, even if I can't be here that often anymore. Cheers!
  10. 4 days in now some.days are a lot easier than others.
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  11. Leaveit

    Leaveit Fapstronaut

  12. Had a relaspe today. I won't give up though. Day 0
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  13. Day 4 of 4. My new goal is 8 days.
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  14. Single Palm Change

    Single Palm Change Fapstronaut

    I'm kinda disappointed in myself for drinking too much this weekend. I didn't give in to PMO, though, which is awesome. And I had a good time with some friends that I don't see so often.
    I feel a lot fresher and positive after a weekend of drinking than I normally would - thanks to Nofap. I'm really seeing the benefits now. I'm not letting negative thinking drag me down.
    Actually it's kind of funny (never thought I'd say this!) - I'm consciously identifying automatic negative thoughts (A.N.T.s) that seem hopelessly outdated, because they are unchanged from the last time I had a hang-over! But my awareness has increased a lot since then, and now these ANTs just feel kind of stupid.
    Much easier to stay positive!
    My energy is coming back in full force. More urges, too.
  15. Single Palm Change

    Single Palm Change Fapstronaut

    I think a good mix of these would be preferable, because negative reinforcements are alright as a scare tactic, but only if you have a good portion of positive belief in yourself to counter-balance with.
    So in order to have a lower barrier for what's acceptable, you must have a dream scenario to latch onto, and then stay somewhere in between. For quitting porn, of course you must have a dream, a life goal of abstaining, all the "benefits" and a healthy sex life - and then you can have a realistic goal, that is possible to work towards - day, week, month or year.
    Because motivation comes from inspiration, but confidence and willpower come from achievements.

    Hey man, don't let this get you down.
    Having a period of heavy wet dreaming is (from what I've read) quite normal in a reboot. Don't despair! This is something you're going through right now.

    Who knows, maybe through this, you will learn to control your dreams better? Maybe the person you are in your dreams and the person you are in daily life is not the same, and therefore you do things differently in dreams? I've thought a lot about this personally, because of having drug dreams.
    I've learned that when sleeping or half-asleep, I don't have the kind of restraint and awareness that I have once I'm awake. Because my self-image is not the same when half-asleep. Once awake, I'm aware enough to identify old and new patterns and choose the right ones, but asleep, it all subconscious and mixed together.
    But slowly, slowly it's aligning... So have patience and keep rebooting.

    There are some other tips as well. Get enough exercise in the day time, cold showers and ice packs on your balls before sleep, meditation before sleep (get all the "bad thoughts" over with before you hit the pillow), don't ever fantasize. Never fantasize. I'm serious, no fantasizing!! Don't do it!

    Good to see you again. Keep on trucking!

    Good job
  16. Ezpz

    Ezpz Fapstronaut

    Okay so in over a year of nofap so far the highest streak i have managed is 86 days and that was a very long time ago. Therefore im going to set my challenge to 90 days. I've learned a tonne of things about what makes me relapse and what helps so lets see if i can put all that into practice this time around.

    I came across something interesting when i was watching a youtube video on a nofap coach who had helped many PMO addicts. One of the patterns that most of the people who kept failing was more than 10 hours of TV/netflix/watching youtube a week. And i thought about that in my own life and i think part of it seems to be true. So i will cut down to less than 10 hours of screen time a week and see how that goes for me.

    Day 2/90 for me
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  17. Single Palm Change

    Single Palm Change Fapstronaut

    Welcome to the thread.
    Yes there is a connection between internet addiction and porn addiction - all kinds of screen activity excites the nervous system. I have had some success with tech-free weeks.

    90 days is quite a mouthful. No-one in here will think less of you if you start with a smaller goal, and then keep adding new goals, going up to 90. Meeting a goal is very encouraging, and success stories is what keeps up going here!
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  18. stephanD

    stephanD Fapstronaut

    This was my plan too, especially at the beginning I need attainable goals. Also doubling means you know you can do the number of days you need to make to it to your next goal. I'll be following you :)
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