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A Progressive Challenge-A different kind of challenge- all levels

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by DerNeuMann, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. TC10

    TC10 Fapstronaut

    Get up, stay focused. And watch out for the chaser effect. No need to feel ashamed towards us, you've done much better than me.

    Take care!
    Really happy for you. You are an example for all of us.
    Good. Social media can be really disruptive. It'll help you much, I'm sure of that!

    BTW 47 days is impressive man.
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  2. Ezpz

    Ezpz Fapstronaut

    day 4/90

    Ahh dammit i had a wet dream last night and it was while i was in a flatline aswell. Very strange. I wonder how this will effect my mind and body. A little disappointed but i don't think its entirely my fault.
  3. Michael Sternig

    Michael Sternig Fapstronaut

    what encouraged me lately was the fact (to me) that god is so much bigger than PM and that thinking about him and his love is way better than fantasizing about fake-behaving women.
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  4. Day 1 of 1. New goal is 2 days
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  5. Ezpz

    Ezpz Fapstronaut

    Keep going man, one day at a time.

    In what areas do you think you are struggling with the most?
  6. stephanD

    stephanD Fapstronaut

    6/8, almost at a week.
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  7. Wiktor.sta

    Wiktor.sta Fapstronaut

    I meant guys with clinical bipolar disaster. And do anyone how weed/porn can affect people with bipolar disaster?
  8. I am mostly struggling with fantasizing and edging. It is mosty those things that make me relapse.
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  9. ameliorate

    ameliorate Fapstronaut

  10. max9292

    max9292 Fapstronaut

  11. On day two but come 9pm tonight I will be on day three. Good job everyone. It is nice to read all your progress. It definitely makes me feel like I'm not alone.
  12. Ezpz

    Ezpz Fapstronaut

    I see. Maybe the answer to that is to make yourself busy so that its not as easy to start fantasizing. Or maybe when you feel yourself starting/wanting to fantasize you could go off and try to do a task, maybe go and be social, call a friend, come on to this forum?

    See if you can work on these 2 areas, see what works for you. Have a think what else might work :)
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  13. Ezpz

    Ezpz Fapstronaut

    Awesome stuff man
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  14. asbgca

    asbgca Fapstronaut

    Day 75/80. Facing some of my fears these days, lots of anxiety. Committed to reaching 90 days hard mode. Thanks guys.

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  15. Wiktor.sta

    Wiktor.sta Fapstronaut

    Is anyone there struggling with thoughts of suicide?
  16. DerNeuMann

    DerNeuMann Fapstronaut

    Hi Wiktor!
    Did you know that there is a group here on the nofap site to discuss mental health issues? You might try it out and see if it has the kinds of topics important to you. Let me know if you find it helpful and we can mention it more often on the thread.
  17. DerNeuMann

    DerNeuMann Fapstronaut

    Welcome to my thread! Thanks for being a positive member of our family!

    Doing well. The stretch you're in can be a challenge but every week brings you closer to being able to handle urges and triggers better and to simply get used to them. You've got this!

    Thank you for sharing this. It helps others feel like they're not the only ones. Your continued presence here is a help to others and I hope for you, too.

    You are most definitely not alone! So glad you're here. :)

    You are doing well. To get to 90 and beyond you will have to do exactly what you're doing. Facing the fears and taking care of the things that are leading to your anxiety. Good work!

    Yeah, man! Keep going. Form your next goal right away so they overlap.

    Nearly a month, now. Very good. Are you still in a flatline?

    Great job, everyone. Lots of hard work and good attitudes on this thread of ours. So nice to see.
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  18. max9292

    max9292 Fapstronaut

    day 49/90
    you are right i can say it is true. when i have an urge i try to break it going to have a walk in the nature or meditating, doing just something simple but pleasant. now i can say urges are less present by this way because i don't go to force not touch myself but i look for to substitute it with something else i like.
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  19. TC10

    TC10 Fapstronaut

    That is the way!
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