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  1. Ezpz

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    Been going through flatline + withdrawals the past few days. Slept for a long time during the day yesterday, hopefully today im feeling a little better.
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  3. basitjee

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    I am on Day 109. My new challenge is 130 Days
  4. basitjee

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    Put me on the front Line

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  5. basitjee

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    I Fuck the porn like this

    Me Vs Porn & Masturbation

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  6. basitjee

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  7. FEEL

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    Day 2/7
    I decided to take a break from social media for the next 48 hours (Facebook & Instagram)
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  8. Pranav1486

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    next goal set for one more week :) hope I will get next weekend :D
    1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 64 - 128
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  9. I relapsed yesterday because I could hear my neighbour having sex...
    so today should be day 1 of 2
  10. max9292

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  11. Winner11

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    Alright here goes. After coming from a 23 day streak where I thought I was invincible, I was quickly shocked back to reality by a ton of relapses. My 1st goal for myself is just to get through today with no more relapses.
  12. TanglePie

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    6/8 and a tough morning as per but stayed strong. Keep busy today and start new job tomorrow. Something I can throw myself into
  13. NobleKid

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    beat three days buying myself a can of kickstarter for that. Five days current. Next goal 7 days.
  14. pillan24

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  15. TC10

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    It’s hard to get out of that cycle of relapses. I know. It seems like there is not much to do, you can only wait till you realize that you gotta get serious. Get up man, and stay away from PMO the coming days. You just need to get a few days, then more will follow.
    Good. Keep it up.
    This is wonderful. Keep going man. It’s really motivating what you’ve done over the past months.
    Reducing social media has helped me a lot. It’s hard when you try to, but after time you’ll see it will get easier, and it helps so much!
    It’s 2 times harder after a long streak. Stay focused, and go for a few days. You need to get out of that cycle!
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  16. 5/5 :emoji_heavy_check_mark:
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  17. Winner11

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    1st goal complete. Now my 2nd goal is to make it through today with no relapses. 0/1
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  18. Ezpz

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    I have hit the 1 month mark again! 1/3 of my goal is complete, looking forward to hitting the half way mark.

    Still in a bad flatline and just feeling physically ill, tired and de-motivated.
  19. Leaveit

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  20. Adam Grundy

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    Day 7! Also have been trying to give up Facebook and Snapchat lately.
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