A Progressive Challenge-A different kind of challenge- all levels

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  1. So close
  2. 0/5
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  3. 20/20 next goal is 20/25. I will reach three weeks tomorrow.
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  4. nfmark

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    Hi guys. I´m in. Actually, I´ve already reached my first goal which was 3 days of no PM. So my next goal is one week.
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  5. 25/25 moving on to 25/30
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  6. gauti

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    I am in
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  7. Krishna108

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  8. nfmark

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    Congratulations, man! Almost a full month. Great achievement.
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  9. nfmark

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    4/7. My wife has left to a meeting, so I´m alone tonight. I have to plan the day and the evening carefully to avoid all those old traps in my brain.
  10. DerNeuMann

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    Today I'm reissuing the challenge as activity on the thread has seemed to fade away. Let's go guys. You can do this.

    This is a progressive (not the political type) challenge. Even if you can't do more than two days, or if you want to do two years, then this challenge is for you!

    1. Set the shortest goal that challenges you to do just a little better. If you can only do 1 day, then the goal is 2 days. If you have only managed a week, then the goal is 10 days. Understand?

    If you already have some time complete today whether it's one day or two weeks or a month, don't restart your Clock unless you need to, just set the next challenge and continue. This way you can piggyback your streaks The idea here is to put the emphasis on the streaks and take it off of the relapses.
    2. Report to this thread daily for day goals and at least weekly for month goals. Be honest. Restart if you relapse but stay in the challenge.
    3. You must help others in the thread with encouragement and answering their questions.
    4. Absolutely NO telling people that porn is okay or masturbation is okay or whatever. Keep those opinions to yourself. Don't weaken someone.
    5. Once you reach a goal, set the next one without restarting your clock. So if your goal was 2 days and you made it, reset it for 3 or more. Don't get too long for your level of awesomeness.


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