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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Red Riot, Nov 24, 2020.

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    Here, we all share a common goal: overcome PMO addiction. And thinking about this community, there was a question that called my attention.

    So, to all women in NoFap, I ask:
    What is your view about men who try to get rid of this addiction? And what is your opinion about men who don't? Is it different at all?

    I'm not looking for kind answers, nor love advice. Neither I'm looking for emotional support.
    I'm looking for real opinions.
    I want honest thoughts.
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    What do I think? Respect!! Applause! Honestly I would only date a man who is 100% committed to leaving the PMO. I'm against the "healthy use" of PMO. There is no such thing.
    So if this person is fighting hard with his addiction he would have my full support.
    I'm an addict too and I know what he's going through so I think a relationship could ONLY work with communication and honesty..
    What do I think? Immaturity. They're in the comfort zone. Too many excuses, too many justifications, lack of character, not enough self control..
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