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    Tl;dr: disassociation of nudity from sexuality.

    I am a long time practitioner of sleeping wearing only my hair. Lately, I have come to spend the entirety of my time in my room in the nude. So, when I’m eating breakfast, when I’m reading (whether that be recreationally or the Bible), games, or some of my other hobbies, etc: all as they day I was born. I rarely wear underwear now, and have taken to sunbathing nude on occasion (don’t worry, I take a lot of precaution to make sure I’m not seen!). Contrary to what many here, and frankly anywhere, would claim is that being naked doesn’t make you rampantly horny. Well... at first it kinda does, which is why you should progress gradually.

    Here’s the premise: by majority, people are only nude when it is strictly necessary: bathing, changing clothes, medical purposes, and sexual activities. Arguably the bulk in regard to time volume places bathing and sex as the top contenders. It should be of no surprise to anyone when I say that to fap one must remove some degree of their clothing in order to do so, unless you have taken on some very aberrant masturbation practices. As such, you have conditioned yourself to associate the act of baring yourself with sexual activity. The bell before the bell of Pavlov’s doge.

    Many here have made the assertion that exposure therapy is not a viable or efficient option for porn usage, with which I agree. But, how about the nudity that encircles it? What I am suggesting is that you do exposure therapy with your nudity instead. Now I’m not saying rip off all your clothes and drive down to the closest nudist resort. Start with the most mundane and obligatory activities e.g. brushing your teeth before you shower. I mean, you’re already going to have to undress to get in the shower right? Why not just do it before you brush your teeth too then? Why waste money buying and washing pajamas when you can just sleep nekki? Gradually you will associate nudity with sex less and less, and just associate it with a state of undress.

    A prominent aspect of the addictions of many people here, myself being no exception, is the taboo factor (TF). I’ve read many a testimony that people’s allure to incest pornography doesn’t actually stem from an attraction to real family members, but they are hooked on that TF. Nudity, in a great majority of modern civilization, has also garnered a TF within the last few centuries. Many claim that nudity and sex are inexorably linked, which, they are of course, but there can be nudity that is nonsexual and non-nudity that can be very sexual. Example: renaissance era paintings and sculptures vs stripper uniforms. The premise of my experiment here is to recondition myself to disassociate nudity from its acquired TF. My reasoning is that TFs have a stacking effect, which I think is part of the driving force behind escalation. Meaning as part of escalation, one will start combining various TFs making their porn appetite more and more niche. Oh, not just anal, I need it to be anal with a trap. Oh not just a trap, I need it to be dp. Oh not just dp, I need it to have some pee. So on and so forth. There’s not much you can do to de-TF a lot of those things, but you can de-TF nudity. Seeing yourself naked more often can also potentially be a catalyst for you to seek out healthier living styles (physically active, good nutrition) as your poor health is much more apparent when not obfuscated by clothing. Further, there may actually be some benefits beyond just this... https://sci-hub.st/downloads/2020-06-06/8a/[email protected]

    Currently I can spend an entire day off with everything off and not feel any more urges than I do clothed. On the contrary, I feel I actually have more urges when I’m clothed as opposed to unclothed;
    removing clothes feels like a relief instead of filling me with apprehension that I’m going to touch myself.

    Disclaimer: I think you should be on a decent streak (min 30 days) before you try something like this, especially if you’re not accustomed to nudity. I think progressing too rapidly can result in you developing a voyeur or exhibitionist fetish instead of a desexualization of nudity. This is a change that could potentially take years for you to undergo.
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    i love clothes so much that i have sex in socks i take bath in underwear and in summer i cool down room so that i can put on tshirt

    there is no way you will be able to pursue me into nudity
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    Well that's certainly one way of doing things haha. Unorthodox would be the word for sure. I get the logic though, for some people just being naked can be a trigger. It never has been for me personally even when I sleep naked, my triggers are a bit different but if this works for you it can probably work for others.
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    I slept naked for years, very nice and comfy. Basically stopped when i got a bedroom with a draft that would make me wake with a stiff neck unless i wore a pyjama top. I also had to wash sheets more often (which is a lot more work than washing PJs). Nowadays i would be concerned about wandering hands in my sleep.
    I do enjoy being naked actually, in the mornings and milling about the bathroom etc. You make very good points, and i think it is a healthy thing to be comfortable in this state.
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    I shower at night so I actually don’t have to wash my sheets that often #lifehack
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    I've noticed how quickly personal nudity leads me to sexual thoughts. So I'll be trying this experiment as well, a milder version of it at least.
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  7. Watching this thread, I actually have noticed increase sexual thoughts just from not wearing a shirt - so strictly by accident from the hot weather. And even in the short time I've noticed it has lessened, (but have not gone away complerely) presumably from disassociating it with PMO.
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    Big push for me was reading a ton of testimony and etc from nudists of varying degrees (in private/alone, with family/friends, nudist resort attendees, and so on) and admittedly... I was very turned on, and I don’t even know why. Had the bluest of balls for 48 hours. But, they kept insisting it wasn’t sexual. They stated that hundreds of men can be at these resorts or beaches and not get erections. If it’s not turning them on, why should I be? Now I just think about how much fun it would be to run through a forest nekki.

    I think I read these testimonies about two or three weeks ago.

    Is... my NoFap journey turning me into a nudist? Lmao
  9. hi i read something similar. you should look into it as its a similar philosophy. Personally, I think I would have to "train" more, because when i tried this technique in the past, I would find myself eventually wasting time looking at nudes, trying to rationalize that I was just training myself, but it was just an excuse to get a fix. This can work for some, i really do believe that, but I don't think it is for me. However, this technique has laid the foundation for me to realize that you don't have to be aroused by nudity. For example, one time I stumbled across a picture of breasts completely by accident. But it didn't even cross my mind to lust. It was as though I was just looking at a man's chest. I wasn't phased at all.

    I do think it takes lots of time for this transformation of the mind to unfold so be patient.
    My Chains Are Gone – real hope for lasting freedom
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  10. btw earlier in my nofap journey, i would get aroused just by looking at myself at the mirror. it would be a sort of turn on. But these days, it doesn't phase me at all. I have returned to a much more childlike state. So what you are saying does have merits. What doesn't work for me personally is sleeping nude and looking at porn or intentionally triggering things. Although if I trained myself to sleep nude and not associate it with temptation, then perhaps it could become a thing of the past. However, for now, i will take no chances
  11. Im glad you said this. It is very true. Do not jump immediately into this, make sure you are on a decent streak, and realize it will take months to years most likely for your mind to transition from association of nudity with sexuality.

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