A short video about addiction... "everything we think we know about addiction is wrong"

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by cryptifly, Nov 3, 2015.

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    This video felt really poignant to my, and all of yours', struggle with this addiction. It also scares me because it makes clear that the one thing that I need is the one thing I believe I can't have because of my porn addiction... connection. The "brain fog" head place porn addiction creates and the dumbed down thinking that occurs because of it makes me truly believe I can't get through this with others. I have to do this alone because no one in my life will either believe this problem exists or have the patience to deal with my unpleasant social behavior. Yet supposedly the way through is with connection. I don't whether to say fuck you or thank you...

    I hope you guys get something out of this.
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    Interesting video cryptifly. I think its a great way to show yourself that addiction is something that you can beat by establishing or re-establishing connections with other people and/or healthier activities.

    Don't think that you can't connect with others, it takes time. Take it one step at a time, you just need to re-discover how you are when you are in the company of someone else. I understand what you say, that this is something we don't really talk with others about (especially because the social stigma of a 'porn addict' is quite appalling), hence the fact that the nofap community exists. But start here, connect with other people who are also doing their best to stop the habit, and slowly you'll be able to accept yourself better, and then see if you still feel the need to connect with someone emotionally about your addiction or if by that stage you can create close bonds without ever even needing to tell them about this.

    On a personal note, if you have any close person, who is supportive and kind to you, it might help to talk to them. I talked to very two close friends about this addiction I have, and how I've taken steps to fight back. And although it was incredibly hard to confess, they were incredibly supportive and it literally felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. The fact that two people who I treasure understood and didn't reject me served me as a powerful motivator as they are absolutely convinced I can pull this through.

    So don't lose hope man, you're taking steps, and you need to create this 'rat park' (as the video says) not only in your environment, but also in your head, and convince yourself that that's where you want to go. You can do it man, getting your life back is up to you!
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