A Sick and Tired Man

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  1. Hello My name is Amro Mustafa very pleased to be a part of the official community on the Nofap Website,

    After many long years of trying, learning, succeeding, and falling back again, I am officially sick and tired of myself, I am sick and tired that I don't have control over my own actions this is absolutely pathetic, this is where it stops I tried, made it to 11 months and fell right back, disgusting.
    I am currently typing this in the gym about to take this 315 for a set of five on the squat moving up in weight next session and going further and beyond I want the social life, I want the money, I want the hot girls for myself and I want the good life and the adventure, the sunny days and the hardwork, I want to be more attractive and I want to be someone who means something.

    Cheers to all of you who believe in yourselves and let's have one heck of a life.