A streak of 15 days

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  1. It has been very hard for me to complete 15 day of NoFap these days.
    But I believe I can do it and even more than this.
    This streak is not only of doing NoFap but also making my day productive in terms of health and work.

    I will be glad if any of us will join me in this streak.
    @Lotus Heart

    I am sorry bros, I tagged you here
    I did because we all are on same day of streak
    Let's complete it
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  2. I am in.
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  3. Jnnybrav

    Jnnybrav Fapstronaut

    Lets do it. I started fresh today
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  4. Day 1 ended
    No urges were there
    No productivity were there
    NoFap was there

    But lot of waste of energy in overthinking was there.
    I really want to just be myself

    I want to make my day 2 better
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  5. It will be better

    Sharing the dopamine detox video here in thread as well for other person to look at.
    Let’s add this with our NoFap to increase productivity.
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  6. Ok
    I will watch this video
    Because It is morning here and still
    I am feeling that my mind is quite heavy.
    And I want to make myself ready to start the day

    Thanks for your suggestion
  7. Jnnybrav

    Jnnybrav Fapstronaut

    Trying the reverse counter with 14 days remaining - No urges for me too. I was super busy. I created a nice timetable for the day and was busy most of the time.
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  8. What happened??
  9. I couldn't able to control myself these days
    Not my mind
    Not my actions
    One more relapse

    I don't have energy to explain because
    I am hating myself while explaining here
  10. Please try to focus more on what you want to do rather than what you want to avoid. It has worked for me to go for 14 days when I was so much engulfed in work coz I had a deadline. Now I do know it gets harder when there is no deadline but that’s the challenge and beauty. You want to focus on going on this 15 days journey with us. You are not alone. We can fight any urges I am positive. Guys, so come on and let’s focus on using any devotional music in background and avoid all mistakes. Sleep at right time putting phone away. Not using phone while laying on bed. Put in on the table and all electronics on table. Things like that. You know from bottom of your heart what needs to be done.
  11. Don’t worry! You can and still would fight again and come out even better than before. Just stay calm and don’t panic.
  12. I am scared to try the formula which I tried in my 37 day streak
    Because I wasted a many days in that streak in escaping from relapse only.

    I think I don't have time to do that again
    I am more focused on my work
    I am not able to focus on this NoFap streak
  13. You need to focus on work. Period. I agree but you are not focusing on work as well. You are focusing on Fap. Sorry for harsh words but you know it was not voluntary. If you don’t want to try NoFap streak. You should practice limit at least. You are not in control of your mind and actions you only confessed. Make the fap session voluntary and choose a number beforehand. Once a week, twice a week. Do not go more than that if you can’t focus on streaks that’s fine but do not exceed twice a week coz if you do then clearly you are not focusing on work and lying to everybody including yourself.
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  14. You are right in every single word
    Actually I was lost in my thoughts

    Let's complete this streak
    That's it.
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  15. That’s the spirit. Let’s do this.
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  16. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    Hey guys, I’m on day 22, but after reading this thread and seeing how supportive and accountable you hold yourselves I’d like to join you.

    My biggest problem is sometimes a huge urge will hit and I will just sit on the couch/lay in my bed, and I’ll just be on my phone wasting away an hour in whatever way I can. This is usually because I have some big or daunting task ahead of me that I really don’t want to avoid. Either by not doing it, pushing it off for later in the day, or pushing it off to the next day.

    I’m gonna steel my nerves now. I’m gonna do some meditation, then I’m gonna get a start on my work. Wish me luck!
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  17. Good luck! The same thing happens with me though and I feel stuck.
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  18. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    Lol I came back this site 10 minutes ago for the same reason. It’s called “Avoidance,” it’s the next step (or escalation) after escapism.
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