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A streak of 15 days

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Divyanshu Gautam, Jan 8, 2023.

  1. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Escapism is a cage in itself and avoidance is pretending that it is not a cage.
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  2. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    I could keep doing things for the next 4 hours before I sleep, but honestly I might be better off if I just read for an hour or two or however long till I’m tired, then fall asleep.
  3. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    But again, that might just be an avoidance response to this situation
  4. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Great idea, I should try reading and going to my table. Otherwise this coziness will trap me in bed doing shit.
  5. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Didn’t get you. Avoidance from doing real work is actually what I meant is a prententiousness to remain in cage ( “escapism” ). Reading something for hour or till you tired would be better assuming that it is of some work.
  6. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    I meant because me reading could be me having avoidance toward the work I actually planned to do this evening. I didn’t really get a concrete start on it because I was handling some other things. I COULD work on it now.

    I think reading is still my best move though. I’ve actually also been putting off reading this book “Atomic Habits.” I’m gonna use this time to get a start on it, and if I go to sleep by midnight that means I’ll wakeup at a good time too.

    I’m gonna journal my plan for tomorrow. I have a 2pm lunch and then private training session with some of my buds (I’m part of a martial arts group.), If I get started on my Math shit by 8am, I’ll be able to study for 5 hours, if I plan to leave around 1:30. (With 5 minute breaks every 25 minutes for sure.)

    And if I grab some groceries from this nearby place before heading back I’ll be back around 5-5:30. I’ll then

    Holy shit these 18-25 day urges are crazy lmao, they be washing over me like a tidal wave.

    I’ll then spend 6-10 making youtube videos because that’s my passion, and I wanna get a start on that too.

    10-12 I’ll make some good food, eat it, probably watch an episode of something, journal the next day hopefully, and pass tf out.

    Okay I didn’t intend to journal everything here but once you’re on a roll you take it lol. Gonna rush over and write this in my notebook, along with 2 tasks I need to take care of on Wednesday related to registering for a class and paying tuition.

    Ima wash the dishes, come back here and use your his to journal, shower into some new clothes, and read till I conk out gn boys
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  7. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    Note: Also wanna journal about the passage of time. I might feel that making youtube videos is a waste of time, same for reading because the math thing should be priority. But it’s okay. I have the self-worth to use this time to read and the self-worth to set aside a few hours for my passion. It is important to do what is required for you hence why I must start the day with Math. But it’s also important to do what matters to you. And you might feel like you’re wasting time, but what would you really be doing otherwise.? 1-2 extra hours of math, and spend the rest of the day jacking off to take the edge off your brain? Not worth it.

    You’re worth more than that.
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  8. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

  9. It's okay
    Let's work for our dreams again
    That's all I have to say
    Because I thought about this the whole day

    I wasted a lot of time in thinking about nonsense things

    I can't forgive myself
    I need to repent it by working everyday and become consistent again for my dream.

    Good night
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  10. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    You should both take a moment to breathe and forgive yourselves. You made a mistake, but if you pick yourselves back immediately instead of mellowing in rage, you’ll be able to largely dampen the effects of it.

    Move forward from that point instead.

    Self-hate will only get you so far.
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  11. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    You are right. Let’s hit back. Day 14 begins for me as it’s past midnight here.
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  12. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    Also past midnight for me too lol, CST Central Standard Timezone.

    Needed to eat so had to stay up and make smth, but i’m abt ready to melt into a potato rn. Few more bites then i’m off to bed.

    Gn. Gonna wake up to day 24.
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  13. Judedon

    Judedon Fapstronaut

    Lot of motivation guys, I’m joining
    My first day
    This shit is so hard alone
    Let’s go guy
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  14. You need to be regular here not everyday but atleast after some days
    So that you will not feel alone
    I don't feel alone
    My bro Lotus is always there for me and I am always here for him
    And some amazing dudes always join us to take and give motivation.

    Stay strong bro
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  15. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Day 14 I had some exercise in morning for 25 mins. Plan to do these at least 3 times a week consistently as a lifestyle. Been not working out for about 1.5 years. I am feeling better but not been productive. Gonna head out and walk in fresh air. Then start some writing work to do. Good luck guys!
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  16. Day 2 ended
    I am focusing on lesser things
    Only Nofap journey and work

    And I have plan for every next urge

    Finally, I am moving towards a better life and enjoying everyday

    It's morning of day 3
    Let's don't waste time in faping and all
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  17. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Day 14 is ending for me doing the reverse countdown. Tomorrow morning it will be Day 13 for me and I am already feeling positive by exercising and not fapping. I need to work on my productivity to catch up on reading and writing in the morning with fresh mind. Gonna head to sleep right now. Keep going! We will make it!
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  18. I want to share one thing to you
    Are you ready for your next urge ???

    Have a solid plan to fight with your next urge and enjoy your life in other things
    Have a plan if you don't have
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  19. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Yes I have been thinking about a plan of action to fight the urge. So far I tend to do deep breathing for 5 minutes to fight the urge and it passes and if it doesn’t then meditate for 15 min. During the day if the urge is there, I go out to have a walk or exercise for 15 min. If you have any more suggestions for plan of action, please share. I couldn’t sleep and felt the urge so I came here instead and found your message.
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