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A streak of 15 days

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Divyanshu Gautam, Jan 8, 2023.

  1. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    I’d simplify it to just deep breathing, and meditating afterward if needed.

    I used to go on walks in response to urges, bring some music with me to or journal in my memo, but I feel that all can lead to it becoming an avoidance activity.

    Do meditation instead. It’s a tried and true method. If however you’re just feeling claustrophobic, do some stretches for like 2 minutes. The loosening up of your body feels so good and is good for you. It relieves tension, anxiety, and stress. Just like sleep. People under-estimate just how much physical activities can affect mental health.
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  2. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Sorry guys. Reset. Day 0.
  3. Judedon

    Judedon Fapstronaut

    i truly appreciate that bro, it’s good to know I have bro with me in this
    I’m standing strong
    Day 2 done, 3 loading
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  4. Take your time
    And come back stronger
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  5. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Checkin! Day 1 !
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  6. Blackshut

    Blackshut Fapstronaut

    I am
    I am in just a few days behind
    Today is just day 16 for me
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  7. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

  8. Day 5 ended
    I am trying and trying to control my mind from going into other things
    I could have done better in previous two days
    Hope I will use today very well

    Please make a plan against urges and
    Practice it
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  9. I am gonna share one thing which just happened with me

    I saw some eye catchy in my phone
    And my urge start to rise drastically and I was searching this and that and on that app

    But then
    I said
    Wait a min
    I asked
    Why you don't want to do PMO
    I replied to myself that It has been 9 years since I started it
    And I was fighting back with the urge
    Then I reminded myself that plan
    I said My Phone has changed its personality to urge
    I throw my phone on other side.
    I left the room.

    Finally I escaped
    It is very necessary to have reasons why you want to quit this addiction and
    What is your plan to counter this
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  10. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Check in! Day 2!
  11. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Has anyone been able to complete a 15 day streak yet? Its been 4 months.
  12. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    Finished 21 days, currently on day 22.

    Trying to start a sleep routine of waking up @ 7am. Needed to turn my wakeup clock back 3 hours for that, woke up 7:30/8, didn’t leave bed till 8:30/9ish) hoping to hit the bed by 11pm tonight and make it all the way tmrw morning.

    Grinding for a Calculus Math CLEP (like an AP exam for college students that you can schedule any day of the year) right now. Because I’m a little behind in Math due to a shitty first year of college, but I’m loads better now after my second year. I started with basic addition. working my way to the end of Algebra 1 today, hoping to finish Gemoetry, Algebra 2, and PreCal/Trig by the end of the week. Then going to this event with friends Saturday/Sunday. Then grinding Calc 1 in the following week before the CLEP.
  13. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    Holy shit, I joined this thread back when I was on Day 22. How fitting.
  14. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    I’m gonna keep fighting and take to day 45 just like that last time. But this time I’ll double it to 90. Don’t expect me to relapse. I don’t care how strong the urge is. I don’t care how much easier it might make whatever I’m working on in that moment. I’ll overcome it.

    (Haha cum)
  15. sohardrn

    sohardrn Fapstronaut

    Day 34

    Still going strong. Studying for the Math Clep is taking longer than I thought especially since I spent the past week hunting for apts and bargaining for furniture. I intend to sign a lease today and get back into Math. I actually enjoy it when I can spend more then 3-4 hours in a row on it.

    Finally deleted YouTube & Instagram. Will post on my college org instagram only from my PC now. Keep in mind this was after lowering my usage to about 1 hr a day on each apps for like a week, then 30mins each for a few days, then 20mins, then 15mins, then 1mins, followed by a few bad days. And then deleting. Progress happens over time. And you can’t just focus on the goal. Focus on the systems you’re following.

    pretty horny, think flatline has ended. But also on those last few days before deleting I saw some triggers so maybe that’s part of why.

    Have another girl in mind to confess to, this was before the triggers, will within the next 1-2 times I see her.
  16. I am trying again to complete atleast 15 days streak this time
    I will not go so hard on myself
    But still
    Fighting with this addiction and living the life along with it is my thinking right now

    It's day 2 for me
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  17. It's day 1
    I relapsed on Tuesday just to relieve some stress
    I am living my life Into this cycle of stress to relapse and to stress again

    I'm sorry
    I am not done yet
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  18. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    I did PM and sexting but I did not have O. I am resetting counter, I feel guilty at ruining my almost 11 day streak. I am still grateful to not ruin with the O. Need to go out and finish up work. Be safe guys. We can do this. I would feel better if it was a full no PMO streak of 21 days but that needs some more work and dedication. Gladly I still could have no O of 21 days. Fingers crossed I achieve that atleast.
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  19. Day 2
    It was good
    Occupied with productivity tasks
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  20. Ray Kon

    Ray Kon Fapstronaut

    Day 14 for No O (1 time PM) and Day 2 for No PMO.
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