A text for myself and for everybody who struggels too

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  1. Today my Nofap & No Gaming streak ended pretty roughly. I decided (god knows why) that looking at porn was not a bad idea and nothing could go wrong.
    After 1 week in nofap i just got sucked into porn and then it was to late and then all my bad habits came again. Gaming, unhealthy food, getting to late in bed (2 1/2 hours over bed time rn) and porn.
    So my 27 days no gaming and 7 days nofap died like this and to be honest....This sucks !

    I took some time to reflect on myself and how these bad habits affected my life.
    After reconsidering that porn ruined every sexlife that i had with girls that i liked a lot, that because of all the porn i just objectified girls on their looks, normal friendships were not possible back then and are still hard to this day. I was not even able to concentrate on something without masturbating before that.

    It is just not worth it. What do you get ? Some minutes of fun, but at what price ? Terrible addiction, bad self worth, ruined sexlifes, having problems with 50% of the population, no concentration and even more. Some people ruin their life with that shit.

    Its way better to invest this time somewhere else. Lets say you masturbate 30 min a day. What can you do with 30 min ? Read some pages in a book. Get to sleep earlier, getting enough sleep changes your life quality in so many positive ways. Learn for school/University. Talk with your parents/friends. Go for a walk. Invest them in your favourite hobby. There so much more stuff to do in this time !

    I had to get this off my hearth, maybe some of you guys too. Best of luck !
  2. Great reflection and awareness.
    Thank you for sharing, it is encouraging to me.
    Dust your self off and get back in the road to recovery. Be curious about where you went and why. There are clues there that will lead you to healing.
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    Great post......your thinking, analysing, working it out. Part of the process my friend.
    Your right Porn does so much harm in so many ways.
    Its really hard to quit and it will most likely take many attempts. Use the relapses as lessons. Do exactly what you have just done. Ask why? Ask how? Ask , what can I do next time. Be prepared.
    I think I you will get this.
    Swap your bad habits for good. Do something creative that concentrates the mind. Exercise. Eat healthily. These things help you to feel better about yourself and consequently encourage you in your journey.
    All the best
    Seeking Help

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