A Tiny Victory

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by GodsDaughter, Jun 21, 2021.

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    I was working on my computer tonight researching on medical and mental health forums for psychology. My brain is still getting used to the massive reset, so it's craving a dopamine rush and seeking a reward after all my hard work journaling.

    Out of no where, the strongest urge to go on a former P related forum that I used to visit when I had the fetish came over me. The ol'Devil knows I dont watch P, so he tried to bait me into fetish forums to "research" the brain, and then that would lead me to P... since I was already researching forums for work.


    I immediately finished up my work, shut down my computer, brushed and flossed my teeth, put clothes in the laundry, and went straight to bed.

    My brain and body started putting up a fight like a spoiled toddler. I just comforted my heart and told myself "You are learning what true love is."

    Not today, Satan.
    The mission is not EVER.
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    You're doing great. I like to listen to different preachers during the day to keep my mind active
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    I hear you. I used to listen to around 2,000 sermons per year. Listening to preaching all day everyday actually became a compulsion/addiction for me several years ago and drowned out an actual heart connected relationship with God. I needed to slow down and learn to deal with the life of my heart as I'd considered myself a miserable wretch, which would make me sin. I had no clue who I was in Christ.

    A lot of preaching I listened to was actually guilt and shame based rather than teaching the freedom, victory, and love of God, which made my fetish PMO habit worse.

    I'm now listening to a select few when needed, and getting into the trenches with Father and letting His Spirit lead me in His word and victory each day. Things have been absolutely excellent and powerful since then.
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    Well done, GodsDaughter. You're rocking it!
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    Nice work soldier
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