A Tip For Anyone Terrified of Cold Shower

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by AliWantsOut, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Of course not, but you can die of hypothermia if you're exposed to extreme coldness for an extended period of time.
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    I like to imagine myself diving head first into a cold lake and go swimming for a few minutes. I agree that once you've overcome the initial shock it's easier to handle. It's often quite hard to wash my 30cm long hair, though. It takes longer than short hair.

    To each his own, but there are scientific studies validating the benefits. From my own experience I can't really tell if there are physical benefits, but there definitely are psychological ones.
  3. I have taken ice baths which are much worse than cold showers and I'm still alive. Highly doubt they could kill you but if you are a beginner starting off the shower with the water warm and gradually turning it down to cold will minimize the shock.
  4. Cold showers
    Cmon man, that's a super lame rationalization. If you can walk up a flight of stairs without getting a heart attack you can take a cold shower. It's just your pleasure seeking mind coming up with excuses... conflating a little discomfort with danger... many people come up with similar imaginary 'health reasons' to masturbate.... all excuses.
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    Let's masturbate then take a cold shower :rolleyes:
  6. uhh... are you seriously not understanding?
    My idiotic rationalizations that I need to get out of the cold shower are coming from the exact same mental place that my idiotic rationalizations are that are justifying that I need to masturbate.
  7. What are the benefits to cold showers? I'm new to this idea.
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    Will hardening. Cold shower is all about shock and that discouraging pain (while being arguably harmless) that you just have to embrace.
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  9. is it cheating to get into a hot shower and then turn the water cold while you're standing under it??? that's what i've been doing and it's a lot easier than just jumping into a cold shower
  10. That's how I started, try and tough it out as long as you can when you turn to cold, definitely longer than your mind wants to. Eventually, I went all cold did that for about 3 months... then around December my water started getting so cold that I went back to starting the shower warm.
  11. okay... i live in florida so my water normally doesnt get ice cold (especially now in the summer) im gonnna try hopping right into the cold today
  12. You will get all the benefits but it will not build mental strength as well doing it that way since it is less challenging.
  13. okay... well... I want to be a mental warrior so I guess I will have to do only cold from now on! lol
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    Tell more about mental strength :rolleyes:
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  15. When you do a cold shower you are testing your mental strength so when a real situation like an urge comes it is easier to take the harder option and resist because you are practicing that everyday throuh cold showers.
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  16. I Free I

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    Cold Showers Are The Truth .
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    Search "Navy shower" on Wikipedia. I love it. It's awesome.
  18. Sorry - to me these comments are a little bit funny. A long time ago I liked to first shower with warm or hot water and afterwards with real cold water (in Germany in winter-time the cold water is almost freezing). To me this was pretty refreshing - no idea to resist any urges.

    A few years ago a doctor diagnosed a skin disease called "Rosacea" and asked me to avoid showers changing from hot to cold and visa versa. So cold showers are not an option for me any more. I do my cycling indoor and outdoor and the warm showers afterwards are wonderful. I think the exercises help a lot to decrease urges and also strengthen my "mental power" - maybe more than cold showers.
  19. Not taking cold showers is not going to ruin your life lol. Just keeping doing what you're doing.

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