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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Philipp2506, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Philipp2506

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    I have been thinking lately how I can stay away from porn and wanted to share my thoughts because maybe it helps others. When you feel the urge to M you should start looking at pictures that really turn you of and give you a flatline.
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    Till your brain will tell to fuck off :) It may work 2-3 times, but I guess it is not a long-term thing. Great tip anyway!

    I want to share my tip:

    I'll be short about that. Just check Google about grayscale phone and screen.

    If you are on a reboot process, every little fucking thing can trigger you. Believe me, I was that person.

    Our brains not just "porn" wired - they are dopamine wired. Which in our case (surprisingly right?) turn our attention to porn.

    You may like it or you may not - I don't care. For me, it was an additional tool to help beat this mf to the ground and let it stay there for a long long long time (notice how I'm NOT talking about defeating it - you can never defeat it, just stay alert all the time).

    Good luck, brothers!
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    My screen saver and background on my phone is Judging Jesus, with a real im watching you face! Lol.. im not even a jesus freak, its just that everytime i look at my phone i see jesus watching me with that, i know what you are doing look! Lol
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