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Anonymous poll: what's your penis size?

  1. 4 inches and below

  2. 4inches and above

  3. 6+

  4. 8+

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  1. Well you will have sex one day... But you know if we have sex with same girl lol an exciting sex would obviously be with you given your size.
  2. dignifiedrose

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    Admittedly, I don't have much in the ways of experience so take this with a grain of salt. But you shouldn't pin your self-esteem on how long your schlong is. Statistically, it's true that you might be below average in this one measurement, but immediately counting yourself out because of that is the same flawed argument as some dude who has the Congo size and thinks that he's automatically a sexual god because of it. I'm no expert, but aren't there other things involved?

    Paying attention to your partner, being sensitive and knowing preferences, mixing things up, stamina, and whatever game you have with your other appendages are just some things that come to mind, and I'm a freakin virgin. There are many other things that you aren't born with that you can build confidence and technique with. At the end of the day, PE is an option, but check that out with an actual medical profession first.
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  3. Queek The HeadTakker

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    Dont know man, depends on your skill
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  4. mouton1998

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    @AlphaBeast5 , don't worry: if you become confident on your performance in bed and learn how to make excellent foreplay (i.e. if you know where and how to caress/kiss your girlfriend's body) you have nothing to fear compared to a person with few inches more than you.
    A good friend of mine had the same complex as you, until he found the girl he liked: now he is serene and even proud of how he manages to satisfy her in bed.
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  5. SeaChange

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    A majority of women cannot orgasm from penetration alone, so being "gifted" in that area is never enough. My advice, which has served me well, is to ask your partner what they enjoy. Women almost always know the best way for them to get off so take the guess work out of it and just follow their suggestions. Be comfortable spending a lot of time going down on somebody. Don't be intimidated by the idea of using a toy in the bedroom, you should think of and use it as a kind of "augmentation" of you, not as a "replacement".

    If you internalize being a gracious and giving partner in the bedroom then your partner will love you for it and reciprocate.
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