A video I would like to share - may be helpful as part of the rebooting process

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    Note: Wasn't sure where exactly to share this, so if this isn't the appropriate forum, please let me know.

    Disclaimer: This video is from a Christian church sermon. That said, it deals directly with porn and addresses several points, some religious in nature, some not. I would encourage people of any faith, or none at all, to watch it.


    To me, the most interesting point, and one that I had frankly never considered before, is the effect that a history of porn addiction can have on fathers of teenage girls. I'm currently married - no children, but we hope to have one a few years from now. This certainly gave me a boost of motivation to get my problem under control, as if I'm ever fortunate enough to be the father of a girl, I don't want mistakes I'm making now to have an adverse effect on me then.

    I hope others find this video as beneficial as I did.

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    Just sat and watched the whole video. Can't say I'm a full on Christian, but the video was helpful, interesting and insightful. I appreciate you sharing this. Thank you.
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    I'm dead secular but that video reinforces my motivation, thanks for sharing. Btw, If you check out the book that is mentioned in the talk, "Wired for Intimacy", on amazon the first customer review you see is by a guy called "Alex". I reckon I've already heard of him in another context :)

    EDIT: just saw the Alex from the review is not Alex Rhodes. Just a funny coincidence apparently.
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