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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Anonymous24, Mar 14, 2017.

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    I began my journey three months ago and am now on a streak of 37 days I've had moments of weakness but have been somewhat forgiving of myself when I started I used to catch myself googling P and even starting to watch it, then it was YouTube videos which is progress but still not good since I've been much more strict, I recently just came across a sexual site that wasn't blocked by my filter next minute without any extra help I made a mess, now I'm not counting this simply because I didn't m and didn't intentionally watch p

    My warning is simple don't use the internet, youtube, social media etc.for too long it's near impossible to beat the urge by that point it's hard yes but ffs it's too easy to slip up in the moment but also realise this and stop yourself while your in control, whilst also noticing your progress even if you slipped up its your challenge and your life your changing so create your own rules that fit your aim and remember your goal it's a balance of strictness and forgiveness that your only human trying to beat primitive hard wired urges

    Good luck feel free to comment
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    I know exactly what you mean, this addiction I believe is the worst because it is literally everywhere we go! Someone says a "P term" we could get triggered, a song on the radio- triggered. A commercial etc... It kind of makes you feel on alert 24/7 avoiding places like you said : social media computer, tv.movies. It's a scary world we live in, if you think about it you will see how socially acceptable "P" is in the world. They talk about in tv shows like it's a joke and Not a big deal. It makes you feel anxious at times and makes you wanna hide away from society. But we can't! We can fight this head on and one day we will not be affected anymore and we will have the power to save others more stronger than ever.
    Like in "Batman Begins "
    We should learn to " mind our surroundings!"

    Good luck!
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    Telling someone to give up on media today is like telling them to go live in a cave.

    Though reduced exposure to media is advisable, moderation is the key word here. In my opinion, recovering P addicts shouldn't put the emphasis on altering external conditions, but rather on altering themselves. The key is to build resiliency within yourself.
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