A Way to Heal- Try if you want.

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    This is the table of contents of what I'm doing online to heal from Betrayal Trauma
    It's with Bloom for Women. (can search if you'd like).
    I'm sharing because I think it' s valuable to the SO. I'm in section 3 now.


    The Science of Betrayal Trauma
    What Is Betrayal Trauma? 30m
    Assignment: Your Story --
    Responding To The Chaos 18m
    Finding Your Path To Recovery 12m
    Assignment: Addressing The Trauma --
    5/5 Completed

    Your Trauma & Responding With Purpose
    Trauma Defined 19m
    Setting The Healing Foundation 8m
    Assignment: Understanding Me --
    3 Steps To Start Healing 22m
    Assessment: A.C.E 2m
    Assignment: ACE Journal --
    Assessment: Trauma Inventory 9m
    Assignment: Trauma Inventory Journal --
    Assignment: Responding With Purpose --
    8/9 Completed

    Finding & Creating Safety
    Safety 14m
    The Science Behind a Calm Mind 10m
    Assignment: Understanding Your Fears --
    5 Solutions For Calming The Mind 30m
    Assignment: Self Calming Kit --
    3 Strategies For Slowing Down an Anxious Mind 12m
    Assignment: Giving Pain A Voice --
    0/7 Completed

    Unwinding Betrayal Trauma
    What We Can & Can't Control 21m
    Assignment: Identify What You Can Control --
    The First Step To Processing Your Trauma 20m
    Assessment: Perceived Social Support --
    How To Find a Healing Environment 8m
    Assignment: What Is Your Experience? --
    Dealing Directly With Trauma 15m
    Assignment: Letter From Compassionate Friend --
    0/8 Completed

    Completing Your Healing & Recovery Plan
    What Is Healing & Recovery Capital 17m
    Assignment: Healing & Recovery Capital Quiz --
    7 Steps To Building Your Capital 12m
    Assignment: Building Your Recovery Capital --
    Taking Action - What Will Change? 30m
    Assignment: What Will I Change? --
    Being True To Yourself 12m
    Assignment: Developing Your Plan
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    Thanks for taking the time to share with everyone.
    Hope you are well

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