A whole year of improvement + 31 Days Streak

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    Hi guys

    This is the first time that I write a successful story.

    So far this year, has been Amazing!

    I have improved so many aspects in my life that maybe I don't even recognize myself.

    The Start of the story:

    At the end of 2018, I broke up with my ex GF and that left me devastated therefore I started 2019 in a very bad way and mood, beside this I also had a bad tooth which didn't let me to eat properly and sometimes hurt like hell.. Also I have rhinitis and this made the airflow and my breathing nothing but deficient leading this into very bad moods, headaches and lots of stress.

    When I was a kid my mom took me into the dentist and he tried to extract a tooth without anesthesia leading this into a very painful experience and a dentist trauma.
    I also was constantly doing PMO, for several days 3 -5 times per day, I also escalated my porn taste consuming crap like cuckold or being super picky with the content that I was looking for.

    My self esteem was low as hell, my sleeping hours, my physical condition and my diet was awful.

    I used to eat junk food at least 3 to 5 times per week and of course I did not move a single finger to make exercise.

    So there was me, pmoing everyday, complaining about how awful my life was and just bitchin' around about all the bad aspects in my life..

    I remember when I read an article about how to make 2019 one of the best years or your life, I was pretty skeptical about it, but I read it anyway..

    My PMO addiction started about 10 years ago when I was 11 i was looking for Pokemon Emerald cheats and suddenly a naked girl appeared I felt god damn aroused by the picture and that engaged me into PMO..

    So each time when I felt bad, I just PMO if anything bothers me I just PMO it was my escape It was pretty much the same when I was with my ex GF each time that I feel bad I just rely on her and that was it, I didn't take any actions against the problem just rely on her that was why the story change so much when I broke up with her because I started to take actions against my problems.

    I used to jerk off with porn in her bathroom in her house, she looked at my browser history, she caught me doing it, she knew that I was hiding something and I told her, she was very supportive but even though when she saw that I was not improving this problem, she could not handle the idea of thinking in me jerking off in front of a pixel woman, and we also broke up because she was not the best version of herself and I was not mine.

    This broke up hurt like hell but I rise again throughout this whole year like a phoenix.

    On 2018 I was nothing but a half from the man that I am right now.

    This also lead me into having a very low libido, therefore I was not trying to get a girl or meet girls because I had my sexual desired fulfilled with porn.

    I had a sexual encounter with an Italian girl and my D didn't get a boner, this made me feel like crap and I knew why was it.

    The Improving Process

    On February I went to the doctor and made a surgery in order to reduce my nasal turbinates, the surgery was pretty fast but hurt like hell, technically he burned my nasal turbinates via radiofrequency but this guys... This turn my year in to one of the best of my life...

    After the surgery I could breath much better hence signed into the gym, the first day when I signed, I even didn't take breakfast, so I ended up almost fainted but who cares I had to take advantage of my willing to start making exercise.

    After that I signed into a Portuguese course, and I learned portuguese in 4 months!

    One day I was eating and suddenly I felt a little piece of teeth in my mouth and I knew that my teeth was fucked up. I knew that I must had to go to the Dentist and.. I went trembling like a chihuahua scared as hell, I lay down on the dentist stretcher and I was prepared to start running LOL, I went to the bathroom look at the mirror and said MAN YOU GOT THIS, COME ON, GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM! and I came back chill and overcame this very bad trauma.

    Now I can eat and I save my teeth.

    Due to familiar issues, I didn't have any contact with my mom, she was constantly writing me but I didn't answer her any message due my life was a mess..

    So imagine that I didn't contact her for about 2 years.. My mom did not do anything wrong or hurt me.. It was because she break apart from my father because he discovered that she was cheated on him and I did not understand why she did what she did... But later on I realize that my father was not perfect, that they need to break for their own good, my parents marriage was toxic.

    So one day I wrote a huge and tender message to my mom explaining her that I was not mad at all, that I was just trying to put my life together to finally see her and I did, that same day we went for a coffee and talked like anything happened.

    I got a new job this helped me a lot to battle my insomnium so I really improved my sleeping hours, I have to wake up early at 3:40 am but it doesn't really matter because I take advantage of the whole day...

    I started studying electronics.

    But even though I was still PMOying, I was having bad times with this, I got a very nice streak of 32 days but to be honest, it is also pretty mediocre.

    Until on December 1st I said to myself now is time, be a man, stop doing this shitty habit, I also read lots of success stories in this great forum. Reading posts, watching videos about nofap, and having a day counter help me out a LOT.

    So at this day December 31..

    I complete a whole month clean..

    I have much less brain fog.
    I have much more confidence
    I feel good about life
    I have a better body
    A much better physical condition
    I eat healthier
    Those sad gray days are much less frequent
    I feel very attractive and I have met many girls which I know I could hangout with and even maybe start a new relationship.
    I feel smarter, I understand things easily

    I do still have gray days and mood swings but this is normal because we are human we are not supposed to be happy every fucking day it would not be normal.

    I can not say that I don't have urges because I do and my goal is to reach the 90 days challenge and then turn nofap into my life style because you guys don't have an idea or maybe you do, about how harmful porn is.

    If you feel bad because a certain situation you just go to your room put down your boxer sit down on the chair look for a shitty website and you look for instant gratification. You gotta understand that the best way to cope this problem is by abstaining from instant gratification and start doing something about the problem that is actually bothering you.

    Life is different, I am different, I am 21 years old I still have a long way to go..
    But this year had been amazing and I have strive so hard to reach my goals and to turn into the person that I actually am.

    I have so many goals for this next year and I am pretty sure that I have the capability of reaching each one of them as you guys too!

    Nofap works is the way to Improve your life but not only nofap, you cant pretend that just abstaining from porn, masturbation or an orgasm, your life is going to improve that much, HELL NO.

    You gotta start the nofap journey BUT ALSO start improving every aspect of your life that you know that is awful or maybe not the best.

    Nofap + Exercise + studying + hanging out with friends + sort out your room + cold showers + improving your hours of sleep + meditating + being aware of how harmful porn is, will dramatically change your life perception.

    Life is beautiful is just about perception.
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    What changed on Dec. 1?
  3. DarkWarrior98

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    My commitment, I read many nofap articles and watched many nofap videos and that make me understood, how much I have damaged my mind and I want my libido back, to hangout with girls, to interact with girls, not in front of a screen touching myself.
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    Wow, congratulations!

    I just read the whole thing:
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    It sure is inspiring :)

    It's supercool, that you realised all this while still young.

    I feel very happy for you - and your mother ;-)

    Take care and keep on fighting.
    You've got this!
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