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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ZedXd, Dec 12, 2020.

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    Hello, it's me again!
    I am now 19 years old, started this journey when I was 16 YO, and since them I made 0 progress, me and my addiction all the way, Life changed, it got hard, had to get stronger, but this addiction stuck to me like no one would, and it was hard to get rid of him, and here we are after 3 years typing in the same forum to the same people 3 years ago, and now I am not complaining, just trying to write how I feel, this addiction took alot of special things from me.
    this addiction, made me sick, made me hate myself, made me socially awkward, made me feel guilty, made me unmotivated, made me SICK.
    and I am here once againnnn!!
    last thread I posted was posted more than a year ago, crying about this addiction, and since then nothing happened, NOTHING.
    guys I just realized that I have to face this demon all in, or I will just waste my life fighting, life the past 3 years.
    I feel empty, this addiction took alot of me. these 3 years could be something special, but let's prepare the future.
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    I read some positives in the post above. First, you became aware of the addiction very early. Second, you know already that you have to be all in so that you can eliminate this addiction. These are very good starting points. You also are aware of the effect of the addiction on you. Now, consider deleting all porn from your computer and phone, and tablet AND deleting all your porn bookmarks. You might consider installing porn blockers on all your devices. I don't know which social media platforms you are on but you may consider deleting them or you might consider eliminating for yourself, all triggering content. I'm on Facebook and I no longer get any triggering images or videos there. I unfriended and unlike all accounts that have those kinds of images or videos. I'm on Twitter and I steer clear of triggering images. I report those kinds of images then block those accounts. On Instagram, either delete it or follow ONLY those friends and relatives that don't post those kinds of triggering content. Yes, this is a lot of work but it's worth it and while you do this work, you are telling your mind that you are committed to a no PMO life. It will strengthen your commitment and motivation. Good luck. Keep posting how you are doing here.
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  3. Determination, success, motivation, and change are not things to be hoped for; they are things to be resolutely chosen. You can if you will. The key to victory is the mind. Don't try to fight physical urges--that's not where the battle is won. The fight must be taken to the mind. At the very first thought of temptation, reject that thought immediately. Don't fantasize, don't drool over it, don't allow your mind to linger for even an instant on that tempting thought--banish it! Push it out of your mind! Choose to think of something else. It's very hard to do what you will not even think of.

    There are more tips in the links in my signature. Hope this helps.
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  4. ZedXd

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    I hope you the best, we are here to fight, and for a reason!
    let's Continue fighting!
  5. ZedXd

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    Thank you!
    I will keep you guys updated!
    doing my best through this hard times my country going through
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    I also tried and failed for a few years. What helped me make progress was quitting only 1 thing at a time. Sure I started with video games, tv series, memes, video compilations but you could start with only porn videos, nudes, music videos, social media, whatever you use.

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