A World Without Women?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by LOSEmyselftoSAVEmyself, Sep 25, 2019.

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    I don't know how to feel about the subject of the thread.

    I have mixed feelings because there were a lot of good times in the past.

    But I'm divorced now, and I started streaking in 2018.

    It's so easy for me to get a longer streak if I decide to avoid women.

    Then I wonder, what am I doing this for?

    I thought I was going NoFap for life improvement?

    But if I improve my life enough, then I can become successful.

    If I do that, I thought the end result was to get women?

    It seems like circular reasoning.

    I work hard to succeed to get a woman which is accomplished by avoiding women.

    So then, I say, I must make more decisions independent of the reaction

    by the female.

    I can't, of course, NOT become successful if opportunity should avail.

    But if I became successful, and a woman was interested in me, then is that good?

    To be with her, I'd be abandoning the thing that got me here.

    She then becomes a liability.

    My process is destroyed, I am back to square one.

    It seems stupid to go on a streak because "THEN I'll become successful

    and women will want me!"

    What kind of person is that anyway, who gloms on to another,

    like a parasite because of the aura?

    I can't settle this in my mind one way or 'tother....
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    Your rational can do this ad-nauseam. should I, shouldn’t I.
    What’s the correct path, what’s the correct goals.

    But your true self knows these answers without questions. Instinctually.

    Our mind is a thing of great power but also great confusion. And what we hold as knowledge is never satiated. The peace that passes all understanding comes in stillness. In meditation.

    There lies an answer for you that is simple, pure.
    What you’re seeking has nothing to do with what your asking here. A state of being, fundamental truth that cannot be taught but only experienced. It cannot be described only known.

    Find peace first, begin with calming your mind. And then this merry go round will ease on your conscious and the answers you want will show themselves. Start with a simple 10 minutes a night and see where that takes you.
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    I think there is a deeper reasoning for your question. Maybe you need to resolve the issues from your past until it haunts you no more.

    Ultimately you shouldn't do NoFap to get women. That is the wrong motivation. But it's okay until you learn to love yourself. Focus on the process.
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    Where does living on your own without sex and love put you?
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    You are asking the wrong question.

    I would summarize your post like this:

    If I get clean for awhile I can begin engaging with women again which causes me to relapse... so why bother? Poor me. boohoo

    A better question for you to ask would be:

    Why can't I have healthy normal relationships with people? Why am I constantly engaging in a behaviour (porn use) that does not serve me? What can I do to heal myself?
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    Gee....uh....that was....uh....helpful?
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    I can see why you read it like that.

    I guess I just question the whole process of rebooting if the end result is to get a woman.

    Because needing a woman failed in the first place.

    To cope, I was fapping into a destructive addiction.

    So, why would I do all of this just to get a woman,

    who leaves on a whim.

    Then all the self-improvement mumbo jumbo was all for naught....
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