A Year Ago Today!

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  1. Today marks the day I first made a commitment to a life not using pornographic material and improving myself instead!
    It feels so long ago, and yet the year seemed to go by quickly. I haven't gone a whole YEAR without pornography YET, but I will reach that point SOMEDAY. I feel incredibly proud of myself and to where I have come to now. I have stumbled back into old habits during this year, even recently I have. However, I have had a upward trend of individual growth and that is success. I've noticed the difference between a life of a porn addict and someone who abstains from the use of porn. When I was in the worst part of my porn addiction I was depressed, lonely and with a clouded mind. Now I feel happier, I have made friends and gotten to know more people and I have greater mental clarity and overall health. I think its crazy that people think porn use doesn't impact them, it does. I'm incredibly proud of myself for realizing that it harms me and that I'm living/working towards a better life that is tied to abstaining from pornography. The positive changes and "superpowers" that come from quitting porn are real and out there from my experiences. It's great and I'm motivated to keep moving in the right direction. Thank you all so much for joining the community and for encouraging me and others on the site! I'm conquering today and that's all I'm going to worry about for now. I challenge you all to do the same!
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    *claps* Nice. I first started the challenge about a year or two ago, near the end of my high school career, but I didn't have the strength of will to go on. I started again around the middle of April this year after a talk with a dude on GameFAQs. It'll be worth it.

    Keep on going!
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