A Year Of Nofap, 1 heck of a ride.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TheMessenger, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. TheMessenger

    TheMessenger Fapstronaut

    Just as the title states

    Let me give you a general idea of the man i was before discovering nofap.

    * no confidence whatsoever
    * just as bipolar as a gotdam female
    * the world was my enemy and the sun was the worst
    * everywhere i went i craved approval like a drug and did whatever necessary to get it like a damn lap dog
    * became mr nice guy instead of being my true self to attract woman and that plan backfired 100 fold
    * depression you never thought possible
    * lazy and one big sad excuse of a male.

    Lets look at me now

    * aim me at a female and i could report to you if im plugging her later by a 1 time interaction.
    * alpha not in the terms of being superior to the male species but in having the collective knowledge of experience to collab and enhance the lives of my fellow peers around me, an alpha male is nothing without his surrounding and people that believe his message.
    * depression is a non existant thought of your past life that no longer interacts with your current being
    * motivation of a gotdamn president, your goal will no longer feel galaxys within your reach, the possibilities are beyond the word endless.
    * the word that held so much value in your life is nothing but a obvious statement thats a total bore to dwell on, Confidence, it is no longer a word, it becomes as part of you as the word human, people will praise you for it but you wont be fascinated as its just another organ you see everyday
    * the female species will be a buffet for your choosing, you will have the charm, suave and spontaneity of a walking, talking 007, i am living testimony of every benefit in this post.

    I was on hardmode for my 200 days, that rewired my sexual reward response from my hand. The rest of the year was sex, long, drenching, wet satisfying ground shaking sex. Now my sexual satisfaction is wired to vagina, that same motivation i had when looking for a new big booty extreme 2 hour porn film is the exact same motivation i have looking for a new sexual encounter and the list goes on, A human homing device you can call it.

    Every human in this forum has the utmost potential to join and journey this long awaited path with me on pure will and one magical word i carry, perseverance.

    These benefits are absolutely real and are waiting for every single one of you on the other side.

    Join me brothers as we slay this beast once and for all!

    The Messenger is back.

    If you want to know my story, read my previous posts

    Goodluck ;)
  2. Chris1052

    Chris1052 Fapstronaut

    Very encouraging man, thanks. It's the end of day one for me, and I can relate to how you said you were before you started. Lonely, unconfident, approval seeking. This gives me hope! I hope you haven't replaced porn addiction with a sex addiction though.
  3. TheMessenger

    TheMessenger Fapstronaut

    If sex addiction becomes my next life hurdle, i am heavily prepared, this path i walk is merely the beginning and i can happily say, i am ready.
  4. DireWolf

    DireWolf Fapstronaut

    Very nice to read, 200 days hard mode is just greatnesss right there and one year is amazing, congrats on the progress, keep going because i believe this is just getting better for you!
  5. Great inspiration. Thanks...2 weeks in...one day I hope to join you.
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  6. seventyniner

    seventyniner Fapstronaut

    Hey, congrats on your success! You've done quite a turnaround. Glad you're enjoying life.

    I'm still at the beginning of the process, however, I neither want to become a human homing device nor want to be aimed at a female to find out whether I'll plug her later or not. That's just not the type of sexual interaction I'm going for. But the depression left behind, the soaring confidence and the motivation, yeah, I'm ready, baby!
  7. TheMessenger

    TheMessenger Fapstronaut

    All that homing yada yada is just showing how far you can take it with the new found powers, prefer 1 woman or many, whatever your forte, youl fine tune your new skill to adapt to any occasion, whether its sex or romance, im expressing the extremes your able to achieve, if your taste is something lesser, then the easier it is for you ;)
  8. Rectify

    Rectify Fapstronaut

    "* aim me at a female and i could report to you if im plugging her later by a 1 time interaction."

    Not quite sure what to make of that statement...

    To each their own.
  9. dc10_2013

    dc10_2013 Guest

    Motivation! Great success sorry, continue on the path. I am just beginning, but as you said, PERSEVERANCE!
  10. Anturak

    Anturak Fapstronaut

    Awesome man! So much inspiration!
  11. TheMessenger

    TheMessenger Fapstronaut

    Showing the transition from the thought of interacting with girls being impossible, to a impenetrable confidence that would attract more then you have ever bargained for in your entire life, We live different philosophies on life so NoFap will exaggerate different qualities in every one of us, im sharing my changes, NoFap will only benefit you in the areas you want it to affect, every Nofap journey is different my brother, fight hard and finish strong.
  12. dm4chrome

    dm4chrome Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the inspiration man, and props to you for one whole year! My longest streak was 150 days, but unfortunately, I am back to square one after so many relapses. It's good to hear that the benefits don't stop. I have one question though that I always wondered. When do the benefits of nofap stop?
  13. heartpower

    heartpower Fapstronaut

    Inspiring post in that you've gone that long, but the hole-poking 007 attitude is what brought us to porn in the first place. The potential benefits should be remembered as they are written on the NoFap websites:

    Numbed Pleasure Response healing: You may suffer from something called Numbed Pleasure Response (perhaps even Erectile Dysfunction or Delayed Ejaculation), making it harder for you to reach pleasure or climax. Abstaining from pornography and possibly masturbation altogether may help you overcome these problems.

    Increased Self-control: If you feel you may be addicted to pornography, or masturbate excessively, there are benefits alone from gaining the self control to control your behavior.

    More hard drive space: Some porn collections can take up terabytes of information. Eliminating it will free up hard drive space.

    More time: If you're spending hours surfing porn sites looking for that one image to get off, that time can be better spent pursuing your passions, bettering your life, spending time with friends or a significant other, etc.

    Improved attitude: Many nofappers describe increased happiness throughout their lives, especially in their attitudes toward sex.

  14. TheMessenger

    TheMessenger Fapstronaut

    I chose my path brother and never doubt the fact i am in utter control of my sexuality as a human, i am here by choice. Nofap amplifies qualities your striving to make great, theres no guidelines to explain every nofap journey, thats a standard generalisation, understand every journey of every Fapstronaut on this forum is different and i understand why you would question if its not what you had in mind for your journey, you will be great brother, but in your own way, and we need many success stories to cover every angle of this nofap dilemma, continue to challenge and question because not only does it paint a vivid picture for you, but also every other Fapstronaut who views this message, fight the good fight me friend ;)
  15. willgrit

    willgrit Fapstronaut

    You have inspired me so mcuh.
  16. painistemporary

    painistemporary Fapstronaut

    Thank you for this post Messenger. Its very inspiring and kinda humorous too!
  17. ranes1

    ranes1 Guest

    Good job man. I'm still on day 3 :p
  18. wotawanka

    wotawanka Fapstronaut

    Well congratulations for going the distance but that's where the inspiring bit of your story ends for me I'm afraid. I'm not happy with the me I am now but I'll take it over the you that you have depicted. There has to be more to success in this journey than the impression you have created.

    Just add a bit of humility to your message and I would be right there with you. It just seems that you have gone from one end of the spectrum to another and need a bit of balance.

    Nonetheless congratulations are in order and I can fully appreciate why you're coming from where you're coming from. It's just not the me I want to be, that's all.
  19. Newbornme

    Newbornme Fapstronaut

    Inspiration for all of us!
  20. TheMessenger

    TheMessenger Fapstronaut

    Read my previous posts to others, hope it settles some confusion brother.

    Fight hard and finish strong ;)

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