Ability to have sex after 45 days!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by MikeSilva, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. MikeSilva

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    Today day 46 and yesterday I was finally able to have sex with my girlfriend, 2 rounds even! The reason I am so happy about this is because I started Nofap because of Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. My dick starts to work again :) how are you guys experiencing sex and orgasms during the Nofap journey?
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  2. Awesome, congratzz :)
    Until today on my counter I only have sex once with my wife. Because I try to practice Tantra and semen retention.

    However I agree that sex quality is way more better without P
  3. HopeNAction

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    Many congratulations on your success bro. That sounds fantastic!
  4. berlincalling234567

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    Way to go, man! Happy for you! Keep up the good fight!
  5. qwaiz

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    I never had any sex problems with women. I think it's mental there is no way I wouldn't get an erection if girls play with my dick.
  6. ItsInTheBag

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    One less guy prescribed blue pills, TRT and whatever things they come up with. Not surprised at all :).

    Now never forget that you were still maybe one of the luckiest ones, recovering so soon; never throw away what you've accomplished.
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  7. ItsInTheBag

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    Dopamine receptors are physical. The mechanism is well-known.

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