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    Hello guys, hopefully someone will have some insight into this as it might just help me kick this habit.

    Basically in terms of nofap i can get through a week absolutely fine if i try but cme a friday afternoon or weekend i fold and give in, especially the friday afternoon. Normally i'll finnish work at 1:30 (half day friday) and come home, flip the computer on and mong out to some youtube and then a couple hours later it's all gone down the toilet and i'm back to depression central. However something changed yesterday that might have come as a discovery for me to finally beat the weekend and acquire 10 days + which normally is around the time when i can finally think of pmo as a legitimate problem and something to fight against.

    Anway i was low on groceries so instead of coming straight home from work, i went to the supermarket and did another errand and low and behold when i got back home it was so bloody easy to just not watch porn and instead i got everything like laundry and washing up done and this morning woke up feeling god damn marvelous.

    My question is by breaking up the cycle of my normal Friday routine did i shut off the neural pathway in my brain that goes: work-get home-you tube-coffee-porn-depression. By adding in a couple of new stages in the list the cycle was broken up temporarily and is it this that made it completely easy to just not do it?

    If anyone has any insight into this please post it as if i can just get through the weekends i think i can finally kick this poison.
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    hey there, i believe a huge trigger for PMO is loneliness. The best thing to do is to find hobbies, clean your apartment, etc just anything that keeps you busy. Its exactly what you did, you kept yourself busy and it helps a lot to just get out of the negative thoughts and shit in your head. Keep doing those things, find some more hobbies, socialize. You will eventually get there. Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.
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    i'm not lonely in the slightest and only fap because "i can" like it's a case of subconsciously saying screw it and just doing it. My urges don't come from anywhere but to just watch porn and fap.
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    I ask this myself a lot.
    I suppose what you said makes sense, we live in patterns and that causes us to relapse. I'll attempt switching up my routine somehow at the end of the week (usually when I relapse) and see what happens.

    Neural pathways stick with us for a long while even we switch up our routines I think but maybe the trick is switching up the routines as much as possible to keep busy and break the patterns.

    Pretty interesting.
  5. I think you’re on to something here. When I was really struggling with alcohol the routine was work, come home, drink then shower...if I could still stand. When I decided to quit for good I noticed that when I just came home and took a shower that there was zero craving for alcohol...it blew my mind...but up until I took that shower it was really hard not to drink.

    I know alcohol and PMO are two different things but just thought I’d throw that out there.
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