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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by modern milarepa, May 23, 2021.

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    There was a thread that just got erased about a guy who wants to watch his girlfriend have sex with another man, he says it's the only way to bring the spark back at his relationship and how this will make him feel more like a man and empowered. Quite messed up no need to explain why, we all know.

    I make this thread because I was about to comment on the erased thread and say that the OP of that thread is almost 1 year PMO free, but he has lost his mind. This is why a long streak can be harmful if done wrong or for the wrong reasons. He has accumulated a good amount of energy but no internal changes were made, he only did the streak probably to cure PIED but his mind is still the mind of a porn or sex addict. He only did a streak with his body, not his mind and now he is facing sexuality again, this new energy only has made him more sexually deviant. He learned nothing from the streak only sees sex as pleasure, he doesn't connect it to love, respect or spirituality.

    He is no longer a porn addict he is now a pleasure addict.

    Some men have reached out to me for advice one have said I do Nofap because I want to fuck bad persons. They just want to get rid of PIED and keep or start a messed up sexuality.

    Doing Nofap and long streaks means nothing by itself, it can even make you more crazy. There needs to be a clean intention of why you are doing it, a healthy way of seing sexuality.
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  2. Nucleus

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    True. We need to reset our minds. We are addicted to lust. It might be in the form of porn at first because it's easy. After that it might be pick-up (that was my thing) or kinky stuff (also) and you are going to want to leave it all behind. Addiction to lust is very unhealthy indeed.
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    I also read that post, It made me sad, I hope that guy will overcome this weird desires. I never liked that cuck thing, but I have my own weird fetishes. You are completely right, this is the reason why I failed my firsts streaks, I was just waiting to restart again with all my previus weird desires. After all this time I learned that those were unhealthy and in order to recover I need to leave them.
    This is speciallly true for people who fell into fetishes, we have to learn how harmful they are for our lives. I think we all have to be in that path for a healthy way of seing sexuality.
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  4. BrighterFuture

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    Agree with you, I'll also add that your goal on Nofap should be more then just "Nofap", change all the influence porn has left inside you, to see clearly who you really are.
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    I dont know. Even when I'm not a porn addict I have fetishes about ass and hotwifing. I've always had an ass fetish, I love rimming. And taking my girl to a swingers club and watching her with other guys and girls has always been a major turn on. My porn addiction got me into a mess, but I dont think when I've recovered fully I will lose my kinky desires and just want missionary with the lights off
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    I fully agree with you. I see this mistake with the bodybuilding forums when they just want to do "no-nut" for the month of November but lose sight of the purpose of not fapping and quitting porn for good. Like you said, it has to do with the changing of the influence porn has left inside of us and to see who we are.
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  7. Porn make me a cuck. Is there any hope in my case...?

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