About the terms "NoFap", "Fapstronaut" and "Hard Mode"

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  1. SnowWhite

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    Though I appreciate the existence of this site, I never really liked the name "NoFap" and I also dislike the term "fapstronaut". These terms are too much focussing on the "dark side", while I prefer to focus on the bright side of life.

    Said that, "nofap" is for me just an easy-to-memorize term, but I see it as label without meaning.

    I also replaced "hard mode" by "freedom mode" for me, because having no orgasm is not so hard at all. It's only hard in your head, when you are addicted, but actually it is simple, painless and makes you free.

    So in total, I'm interested in your opinion and I'd appreciate if some more positive terms would come to this site.

    Sex addiction is a side in our personality, which holds us back, but we also have the other side in us, which makes us go free and having a meaningful life.

    For my experience, the healing comes when you focus on this positive, productive side of your life, when you stay on the sunny side. When you learn to be balanced, to be at peace with yourself. This is a process, during which your positive side is growing, while the dark side is becoming smaller.

    Just like with the plants in your garden - you can decide which ones you want to grow and have fruits, and which ones you want to stay away. But I recommend to stay at peace all the time, you should even have a positive thinking for the "weed", as it will be recycled and then it can feed the big trees.

    So always go out in your little garden, car for it, foster and groom, and make it pretty.

    In fact, we all have the solution in ourselves. A site like NoFap is like a crutch which helps us to go, but ideally, we can throw away the crutch once in the future.
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  2. IGY

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    Though I appreciate the existence of this site, I never really liked the name "NoFap" and I also dislike the term "fapstronaut". I couldn't agree more. The words "no" and "fap" = no masturbation. Yet we are told you can masturbate if you want to! o_O It is a mad kind of nonsense. Clearly, it should be called not using porn. But then we would be dubbed "porstronauts" I suppose. It is all too clunky and clumsy. I guess when Alex started it with is mates at the time, he did not envisage it taking off in the way it has. It is too late to change now I suppose. Although the moniker "fapstronauts" could surely be ditched without damaging the logo etc.
    Hmm, yes. I remember you from before! Hard mode is not a great label. It always makes me wonder what the alternative mode is - easy mode or soft mode! :rolleyes: But freedom/slave mode. Nah, never liked that idea either. :(
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  3. SnowWhite

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    Well, I agree, "nofap" can now not be changed anymore. In a way it is also short and clear word which is good.

    But for wordings in general, I mean positive words, which puts our goals in focus.

    Do you want to see yourself as a "No Fapper", or better as a "Balanced Person", or a "Deeply fulfilled living human" or a "Relaxed Achiever" ? (the greatest achievers are truly relaxed persons who love their work)

    When you realize you are addicted, then in the beginning, you often only know what you do NOT want, and you have only a vague vision of what you actually DO want! Therefore, it is good to have a positive picture of yourself. Something you can focus on.

    For example, there is this other site called "YourBrainRabalanced" - the name is IMHO much better, although it is very clumsy!

    As for "freedom" - well interesting, I did not associate it with "slavery", but then, english is not my mother tongue ;) For me, "freedom mode" is just setting up a feeling of being overall balanced, swinging and floating and being free - and that's what it all is about. But I'm sure there might be much better word around.

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