About to be 30 and still alone. Your opinion on how to solve that ?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Lesoldat, May 14, 2016.

  1. Dude get the hell out of here! Your last relationship was only three years ago?! Try being alone your whole life, then you'll have something to cry about. You people in relationships are in for a rude awakening when the 'drought' comes. Pathetic.
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    Pretty much every hobby can me made into a social event. And even if one doesn't exist already, you can turn it into one by hosting it yourself & advertise through social media. You'll be able to meet girls if your hobby is ballet or strongman training. The bottom line is - women want people who are genuine and invested/passionate in the things they value. It's perfectly fine to dabble with new things especially since you're still young and try to identify what kind of activities you like. But, if your only goal is to take up a new hobby (e.g. salsa) for the sake of meeting attractive women, you will be spotted from a mile away. Women will know if you're actually interested in the activity or just looking for pussy.

    Also, I would consider meeting as many guys as possible. The broader your social circle (of both men and women), the more likely they have a single friend that you may find attractive and interested in dating. It's bold and manly to pursue your goals (in life and in relationships), but be patient because it can take a long time to find someone who is the right fit for the rest of your life ... we're not just looking for a 1 time fling.

    If I could give you 1 piece of advice - work on becoming the strongest man you can be (physically, emotionally, and psychologically) and passionately pursue your goals in life. Then, you'll start to attract marriage material women.

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