About to reach 90 days no PMO, here is what i found.

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    my journey in no PMO was not that hard honestly, but I'm not the lucky one, i failed before, and i learnt what i have to know and corrected my thoughts and goal.

    i know i had to stop this. i gave myself an order, or i call it "the fact". "the fact" was, in next 90 days, I'm not gonna PMO, for whatever reason, I'm not going to. its not I'm not allowed to , or try my best not to, it is-- I'm NOT gonna PMO for WHATEVER REASON, even if one day, i have to PMO to save the world, or i have to PMO otherwise I'm gonna die, too bad, I'm gonna die.

    so after i got my "fact" in my mind, whats ahead of me was... extra times... a lots of extra time and energy.

    what i found is... it is bored, very very bored. then i realise, when I was about to PMO, i feel bored, and PMO seems to be that one thing i would love to do, and feels good too.

    if you think about it, you smoke, sometimes, its not that you need it, or you want it soo bad, its just that you feel bored, and smoking is one thing that you can do, for whatever reason, passing times, whatever.

    in my humble opinion, stop PMO, gives you a lot of time to think and plan or reflect, to fix and think things that you weren't have time to, AND the energy you wasted or didn't have energy to do or execute the plan you had for so long. all in all, it gives you the opportunity to better yourself and let you feel YOU, discover who you really are.

    there are a lot of benefits and "super powers" you will feel. the time and energy are the main components i think. it doesn't sound big and glory, BUT you have to realise, they are the tools and weapons, by themselves, you won't able to win the war, you have to learn how to use them, not only how to, but use them efficiently.

    you will get bored sometimes, or i should say a lot of times during no PMO, you have to learn how to overcome the boringness, break the link between bored=PMO, into something else, maybe call few friends and go out, maybe read some books or going to the gym and workout, by using your new extra time and energy.

    7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or even 1000 days is not your final goal, change yourself is your goal.

    this challenge makes me feel a whole new world, not as in flowers everywhere, everyone around me stops being asshole... BUT instead of feeling I'm a loser, whatever i do, even before i start, i already knew i will fucked up. now i don't know what will happen next, what would happen tomorrow, or even next hour, because, i don't know what i will be accomplish, for the first time of my life, i keep accomplishing things, so i don't know what would happen after that, i know, if i want to do it, i will, and i can be where i want to be. i feel lost, of course in a good way!

    from my experience, i can tell you:
    No, your balls won't explode if you're not MO today when you horny AF,
    No, you are not a loser, its a human condition to seek and go back to the pleasure.
    Yes, after a while you will get into flatline, its not horrible, its great, it gives you a break, isolate you from horny and all the sex seeking mentality and makes you feel the real world.
    Yes, after a while it will get easier, BUT don't be cocky, it is around you, not left yet.
    Yes, there are super powers, you will know them when they come or even better you won't realise.

    i don't think i will call it the success story, but good enough to give some help for my mates here.

    i don't want to pilot what are the super powers i discovered, i think its better to leave it to you to discover. they are much much better than you think, maybe something you have been dreaming to have, and didn't believe one day you will have it.

    you are much better than you think, or maybe, you are already who you wanted to be inside, you just need to work your way in and wake him(or her) up. when you feel like you can't do it, well tell yourself proudly, YES YOU CAN, fight it back and tell the urge who's the boss.

    all the best and you can do it!
  2. Thanks for sharing !
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    Nice post
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    Great post! "The fact" sounds like an effective strategy. And yes, it's not about the duration of your streak, it's about changing your life for the better.
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    Thanks for writing this post. I wanted to ask you a few questions. First of all, I would really want to know if you had any routines or those things that every "successful" fapstronaut does, such as meditating, getting up very early and etc. I'm asking it because personally I'm having a harder time to keep a streak going (that shouldn't be the main goal) if I'm not on a "monk mode". Or my brain just tries to find excuses for a relapse?
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    Now that's motivation!
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    This is so true it’s not going to be how many days but how I’m going to grow and evolve as a man.
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    Thanks for those amazingly inspiring words of yours. Looking forward to find out who I really am.
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    Thanks for sharing, i feel motivated.
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    Very wise words. Will help a lot on my own fight. Thanks for sharing
  12. yes.. This means a lot for me. Thank you for sharing this brother :)
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