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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by kuijkuij, Jul 30, 2020.

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    I've heard that some website focusing on abstaining porn has a system to pick top quality threads. Their administrators choose popular threads which have reached a standard decided before and discuss whether it should be a top quality threads. There will be an extra page for those threads. I think it may help because some successful methods will be widely spread. But the assessing system should be very complex to avoid potential problems.
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    A good idea for sure. The amount of nonsense and bro-science here can get ridiculous.

    There's the possibility of implementing a reputation system which holds a score based on the length of time you've been here, actionable reports (or a lack thereof), and such parameters.

    There's also the possibility of standardizing citations in posts made under any tags related to "advice", and such to help readers get both a sense of reality and a clearer picture about the method(s) being advocated. This suggestion, of course, is mainly dependent on the users of the forum and not the mods.

    I think until then, common sense and a healthy degree of prejudice with room for skepticism should do. It's not very hard understanding what needs to be done. The hard part, in my opinion, is remembering it when it matters.
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    Talking as a person who hates competition because I am extremely competitive online, not as a mod, I'm not a fan of this.
    Just my 2cents

    Also for example my first account dates from early January 2014 but I deleted it and made another account, so what's my real longevity? Since it's an anonymous website a lot of people delete their account and come back. Doesn't make what they say less valuable. Really not a fan.

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