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Abstaining From Facebook

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Razielcreed, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Razielcreed

    Razielcreed Fapstronaut

    The title says it all guys ,
    Perhaps it Is connected to PMO somehow , facebook has been a powerfull mind controlling Stimuli over the years and nowadays with all these softcore Images it is somehow trigerring a relapse for some people .
    i wanted to share my story with this , it has been 1 year since i quit facebook and Damn it feels Awesome , i since've been so proactive having the time to read books/meditate/workout*/and interract with other human beings face to face , feeling the connection between people , as our ancestors first did when they hadd no Pc/P/V games , this Abstinance from FB also helped me somehow push my PMO abstinance .
    i want to see the fapstronauts views on this subject i think it's crucial :D.
  2. purity

    purity Fapstronaut

    Cool story bro.

    Lol, I don't mean that sarcastically.

    I deleted facebook a couple weeks ago. It was such a shallow and meaningless experience for me. All the people I stayed in contact with I knew from my childhood or in high school. My current friends don't use facebook. But I know that eventually, either through work or personal relationships, I'm going to need to open up an account again.

    And I'm fine with that. I don't have anything against facebook, or any social medium for that matter. I think social media is great, and can be used skillfully and intelligently for awesome things.

    It's all about how you use it and who you associate with on it. Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest, it's all about what you do on there and who you do it with.
  3. Ramy

    Ramy Fapstronaut

    I kind of did that for almost a year now, I only keep my fb acount for ky college group to know what's new and for exams ajd studying help, if it wasn't for that group I'd have deactivated it no question, but what I did is that I unliked all the pages that'd post these pictures you're talking about, I even unliked hot celebrities pages so I don't see something that gives me an urge, so if you want to keep Facebook at least do that, and hey you seem to know Facebook is a problem to you, then I think you shouldn't even consider keeping it, since it might lead to something you wouldn't like I say lose it. good luck.
  4. Razielcreed

    Razielcreed Fapstronaut

    thx guys , i don't think facebook is a problem for me anymore , it was just my first addiction that i had to go through , if it's for work/study usage it's okey but if anyone is using it to satisfy their craving i think they should stop using it for a long period of time then come back at it .
  5. Facebook is the killer app for feeding low self esteem.
    It seems this is very common in a lot of people, that's why Mark Zuckerberg became so big. He is world's biggest drug seller ...

    Since my PMO addiction faded away, I have widely lost interest in facebook.
    But you can see it as a nice tool. It is best to use it to connect to people you REALLY know and who you MEET IN REALITY. Just see it as a messenger app and a tool to connect to these people, but just a little bit, mainly you should aim to have actual real connections.
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  6. Razielcreed

    Razielcreed Fapstronaut


    Agreed , it is very commun that it is used to fulfill the need for Validation ( like feeling good when you have lot's of likes or comments on your pics/wall and feeling Bad/low value when you don't have it) , it can cause depression with these back and forth 'Electronic emotions' and lead to Pmo'ing more often , it is better if we use it as an emergency tool for work or Events .
    it can be very stimulating when you stick at it .
  7. Iggy

    Iggy Fapstronaut

    I try to avoid Facebook, as going on it usually coincides with going on porn for me. I probably on average only go on about 4 time a month now. When Im procrastinating and I think 'let's see what Facebook is saying' I stop and think for a second and just realise there's never anything interesting or worthwhile on there
  8. galaxim

    galaxim Fapstronaut

    I completely agree with you, FreedomFlight. During my first months of recovery I used to have a PMO counter for Facebook, just to check in once per month.

    The same as FreedomFlight, I suggest FB use mainly to notice events that you're really interested in going or to keep up with a group with whom you share a common interest that can help you to develop as a person. For example, "book of the month club", "running club", etc.

    Yesterday I made a little slip: I checked the FB of a girl that I personally know, that I find physically attractive but I don't consider interesting in other aspects, because I wanted to know "how his boyfriend looked like". The kind of nonsensical thoughts "why can't I be with someone that looks like her? Why him and not me?". But I wasn't looking for "the rush", it was more of those moments where you start playing against your own team (yourself), where you -for some reason- want to lower your self steem. Is like to be unemployed and to look at working happy people, smiling. Why do we do that?

    My advice for those who can't or don't want to delete their account is to reduce it to the minimum: deactivate notifications to your mail adress, log off from groups that can be harmful to you (for example, if you're following a movie star), delete unnecessary contacts: people you don't care about and that probably don't care about you either. I think it's better to have a small number of trustworthy people than a big number of estrangers that don't have any meaning for you.

  9. Razielcreed

    Razielcreed Fapstronaut

    Yes this is exactly what i wanted to clarify :D , it can make you feel depressed by looking at Hot chiks and wanting them but not being able to get them (ending up relapsing) or seeing your friends selfies with hot girls makes you want to be at their place .

    Also the 'Add friends' suggestions at the Top Right of Facebook will be always full of partial Nudity , Cosplay's/celebrity pics etc ,

    I'm using my phone (phone calls only /no messenger apps) to meet up with people real life and have great times , if anyone wants to try this too i really recomand it , it saves a bunch of time and will free you from all that 'Feeling of validation' crap and the Need to check out bullshit Notifications every 5 seconds to fell complete and satisfied .
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2014
  10. Nein

    Nein Fapstronaut

    I check it every time I turn on my phone, like every 5 minutes. It doesn't make me feel good about myself or my lack of a social life.
  11. Razielcreed

    Razielcreed Fapstronaut

    you know the right thing to do mate , it was tough for me at the beginning but i did challenges 2 days without fb then 3 then a week until it's all over .

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