Abstaining from PMO like weight training?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Rakif Samad, May 23, 2015.

  1. Rakif Samad

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    So to be a bit more specific on my question, I usually weightlift, you know, to take up my time, keep my head out of PMO and to basically get fit. I know that in weight training, you start with the weight that you can lift, do that for a week maybe and then once you are strong enough you move on to the next weight.

    Lately I have trying to kick the habit of relapsing every 3 days, right so I thought why not just make a goal for about 5 days and once a reach that goal I relapse and I reset the counter for another 5 days and I do this for a montth until I build up the routine to abstain for 5 days and each month I can increase the total number of days I abstain by 2 or 3

    So would this work? Is this healthy? or is it just better to go on and abstain for as long as possible until relapse?
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  2. crushurcravings

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    Hi Rakif

    It is nothing like weight lifting. I know this because I lift too. Anyway, this is more than just tackling a good/bad habit.
    We're talking about actual neurological changes. Don't plan your next relapse. Going cold turkey is the quickest way to get things under control. Would you tell an alcoholic or drug addict to cut down slowly on his substance abuse or to seek professional help and enter a rehab facility?
    I assume the latter, which is why slowly tapering off PMOing is a suboptimal strategy as well. You're still lighting up the brain pathways that are addicted and you will continue to "poke the sleeping bear" if you will. Have you looked into Delta Fos B? That's a big reason as to why hardmode > tapering off.

    Best of luck.
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  3. Phibz

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    I get the feeling you don't really feel like you have a problem. You're playing with this thing like it's more of an inconvenience. Not judging. Hope it doesn't come off like that. I just get the feeling that you still have some reservations about giving up PMO. Only you can make that call. This is about you. But if you get tired of failing, maybe reassess whether this might be a bigger problem than you think. I hope you reach your goals, whatever that may be.
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  4. Bale

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    Some people quit smoking by counting the cigarettes they smoke each day and watch this number decrease over time. They don't "plan" to smoke a cigarette at a particular time. For example if I have smoked 4 cigarettes each day this week, I may smoke 4 cigarettes today but I can stop at 3 if I don't feel like smoking another one.

    I do not think the cold-turkey approach is the only way to go regarding PMO either. Some people are not even trying to get completely rid of it, but rather to find balance with this nasty habit by drastically reducing frequency. Find out what works for you.
  5. beauty

    beauty Fapstronaut

    Like @Bale said, sometimes, contrary to the popular belief on this forum, quitting cold-turkey isn't always the most viable option for some people. The biological perspective of addiction promotes the complete stoppage of the addictive substance, in other words- cold turkey. However the learning perspective of addiction encompasses the belief that the addict can slowly ween themselves away from the substance being abused and learn to live without it.

    Personally, I am not sure whether which perspective is better. Perhaps it's more of a personal decision than a universal one. Just be aware that there are many different paths that can be taken during the reboot process.

    Lately I have been wondering if going cold-turkey without porn or any sexual release for interminable amounts of time is actually the wisest decision. Humans are, after all, sexual creatures. It seems as though as Fapstronauts we go from one end of the spectrum (masturbating feverishly to porn), to the total opposite end of the spectrum (complete and utter abstinence). There is no in between, no happy medium, and essentially no resolution, ever. Now of course during the reboot one must stay away from all sexual stimuli and in my opinion sexual release. However after a considerable amount of time, and I'm talking 180+ days, it seems as though one might begin to run in circles trying to stay on the NoFap course. Sort of like knocking your head against the wall.
  6. Here is how I think it is like exercise: The gremlin in my head telling to quit the hell pushing myself in exercise seems to be the exact same gremlin encouraging me to just give in and fap. Fighting the one helps fighting the other

    As far as the cold turkey or not ideas that @beauty and @Bale mention I think it is a matter of perspective. One of the most important aspects of recovery of my addictions is how to deal with failure. Failures should not defeat us. Indeed I have managed to learn from them and they have helped make me stronger. (For years a streak failure would just make me give up.) But, and it's a big but: I do not think you can learn from your failures if you are not trying to succeed with all your strength. And planing a mini-relapse holiday probably doesn't make the cut.

    I think the best mind set is prob something like: "We're not called to be perfect, we're called to try to be perfect"
  7. Rakif Samad

    Rakif Samad Fapstronaut

    All your answers really helped, and if you guys are wondering the reason the why I asked this was because I was just a bit curious, I am, like almost everyone else, trying my best to abstain from PMO and also trying to control my mind and thoughts and keeping away from anything indecent, I was wondering if there was any other way of tackling this habit, and to answer Phibz's question, yes I do a significant problem that I am trying to kick that is why I am doing my best to think of ways to abstain from PMO. Currently I am just straight up abstaining, now I am implementing thought control and meditation and now I understand that planning relapses after a certain number of days is not the best way of doing things. Thank you so much for all your support and knowledge and I will keep on with my regular routine.
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  8. monkotto

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    yes - in my opinion this is the right way.
    dont binge when you relapse and dont make a drama. just start a new journey and try to beat your last streak.

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