Abstinence and urine control

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Just Pray, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Just Pray

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    Does abstinence from PMO help with control of urine? I hate getting urine on clothes/skin because it feels filthy. I'm wondering do you get more muscular control down there if your like 60+ days. I'm pretty young so I shouldn't have this problem. Thanks, please link scientific evidence if you can, if any exists.
  2. DisciplineYourMind

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    If you're experiencing bladder problems, then honestly I would seek professional help. Abstaining from PMO does not build muscular control down there at all. If you want to specifically build muscular control, then look into kegal exercises. But it's highly likely your problem is related to something else.
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  3. Headspace

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    When I still was in my addiction I went to the toilet more often than necessary, which sometimes resulted in leftover urine apparently staying in my urethra. It would come out only when I got up from the toilet, or even some seconds later - too late, and I would feel filthy as well. Now I don't have this problem anymore. However, I don't have the impression that my muscular control has changed, it's just that I am going to the toilet less often. (On a psychological level, this may be is a result of me not thinking of my dick all the time.) I am also drinking less water than I did some months ago. I am one of the few people who used to drink too much water, like 4l per day. Now I only drink water when I actually feel thirsty.

    This is all my personal experience, your situation could be entirely different. But it's a fact that I used to have this problem, which annoyed me, and now it's gone.
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  4. Just Pray

    Just Pray Fapstronaut

    Cheers guys, thanks
  5. Same here.
    I have to pray, so this becomes a major problem for me every time. I've abstained from PMO for about a month, now. And the problem has not gone away completely. Hoping for the best.

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  6. stealing_the_key

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    I don't think people have looked into it much, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some connection, especially if you have marathon fap sessions with hours of edging which could fatigue your kegel muscles. Those muscles are the ones that make your penis "jump" when it's aroused and I know I used them a lot when edging to hold off orgasm. They are the same muscles that are used to "cinch" off pee when you urinate.

    Some tips: 1) continue to abstain, 2) do kegel exercises, 3) don't be hasty putting your dick away when when you pee, 4) to get that last bit of pee out, use your fingers to press gently on your kegels (on your perineum, the area between your balls and your asshole).

    Let us know how you do!
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  7. nfprogress

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    I've had the opposite effect. I find it much tougher to control my urine after 60+ days in hard mode. I believe my muscles are likely weaker from disuse. Muscles gain endurance and limit strength over time by exercise, not the other way around.
  8. g2stop

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    I find that I had to get up at night to pass urine, but now that is improved. I still think there is some dribbling, but somehow it seems less.

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