Abstinence April.

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    Thankfully getting hard is not an issue. My issue is finishing. I get her off every time, usually more than once... I just can't reach climax. Apparently that's common with PMO. It's infuriating
  2. sboncen

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    Well.... abstinence April became abstinence half of April. Why is this so hard. Managed a month.

    After 3 weeks I was feeling energised, I awoke in the morning without the lethargy I felt while PMO was in action, and I had the drive to get shit done. I think what threw me is M'ing without porn. It was a gateway drug to porn. At least i've learned something.

    What I find frustrating is my brains ability to convince me to PMO... It comes up with all sorts of reasons...

    "Oh, your balls are getting full, what if you're giving yourself testicular cancer?"

    "You better masturbate, what if your sperm is too potent and you get your wife pregnant again?"

    "You're noticing women a lot more, you should M to kill those desires"

    Ogling is a big issue when i'm abstaining... what do you guys do to curb this? I notice women everywhere, all the time. My brain starts undressing them... it's a problem.

    Anyone else managing to complete this April challenge?

    Masturbation free May for me.
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    Ok, starting from the beginning...I’m going for 26 days no PMO. I’m saying 26 because I can’t remember if I made the 30 days recently (I don’t think so), but I have made it 3 weeks, so I’m gonna try to do almost 4 (not quite a month—gonna get that median in between).
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    Hey whatever steps or increments work, you go for it! Good luck.

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