Abstinence while doing interviews

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    Hi! I haven't consumed P in more than 230 days. I'm perfectly fine doing M, it doesn't affect my inner peace and happiness, so I do it from time to time, but still try to keep it under control, so I don't M too often.

    I'm starting doing interviews. I want to change my job. The thing is ... I feel very confident with my self, my skills and my cv are indeed quite good, but have noticed that when I don't do M, my self-esteem gets a little bit of a boost, so to speak, going higher.

    What do you think? is it real or I'm getting it all wrong? Can absteining from M really boost our self-esteem? if so, why do you think that happens?
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    I believe so. Even just by fantasizing sexual stuff, our vital energy would be drained, not to mention M. Many of us should have some experience, that we look "tired" after fantasizing or watching P for a while without MO, just like a light bulb getting dimmer without enough electricity. The loss of energy may affect how we feel too (feeling less confident with lower self-esteem).
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    Big time! Not having a crank really ups my general taste for life. Don't feel pressured to change a winning game unless you're certain you want/can change though. The perfect is the enemy of the good.
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    Hello bro, if you can get rid of mastuebation then do it, if you have experienced the benefits then go for it. I personally believe in ancient science that sperm is peak condensed nutrition and energy. So if you dont release this, your body won't lose it but accumulate it and be reflected amd felt in every cell of your body

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