Accepting the problem, yet finding it hard to not think about PMO

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by suicidal101, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. suicidal101

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    Is there any way to drop my sex drive? Any way it can decrease? I know it's because I'm a teenager but constantly thinking about watching porn (subconsciously sometimes) really messes with my head. I want to stay away from it. Any tips? Anyone want to become my accountability partner?
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  2. Ridley

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    I don't mean to dismiss your question, but are you sure you really want to drop your sex drive? Unless you're trying to live a completely celibate life, sex is a perfectly healthy thing to do and to think about. I think the important thing is that you direct that sexual drive towards relationships with people that you actually care about, and not towards perversions like porn.

    Your sex drive will decrease when you get much, much older. My advice is to enjoy your high sex drive while you still have it.

    And there you go... I don't think that your problem is having a high sex drive. I think the problem is that you are trying to satisfy your sex drive by watching porn. Porn isn't going to satisfy your sex drive ever. It's just going to make you feel empty inside. It's going to make you feel unsatisfied. When you have sex with a real person that you care about deeply, your brain experiences a strong chemical reward from a hormone called prolactin. When you masturbate to porn, the amount of prolactin rewarded to your brain is significantly less than it would be from sex with a real person you care about. Overall, I think you will just be a happier person if you stop watching porn. Sex is something you're supposed to do with someone else!

    Hope that helps.
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  3. helpfuldude

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    A healthier way can be directing that drive, instead of trying to block it, though I don't think that you can block it anyway. Using that drive, you can go and meet real girls. If you are not good at talking to them, you can learn how, starting with small practices.

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