Accidental Ejaculation. Did I Screw Up?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by horseboathouse, Jan 2, 2018.

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    Same old story, masturbation and porn viewing was getting a little out of control so I hopped on this NoFap stuff start of November last year and didn't have many problems, never even thought about porn or masturbating, I'd get aroused at the occasional hot scene in movies & TV but never had the urge to relapse.

    Here's where it goes wrong, only been with one girl (clean, birth control) so Ive never used a condom, however we're no longer seeing each other so I thought I should learn how to put one on for the future...

    My imagination alone doesn't get me excited enough so I looked at some SFW pics (fully clothed and all that) which did the trick, started rolling the condom down and about halfway through I just exploded, there was no build up, just the slight stimulation from putting it on to full on ejaculation within seconds... Now I just feel weird, not exactly guilt, disappointment maybe? I don't know.

    So did I mess up? I wanted to hit that 90 day streak and it feels like I may have already ruined the fresh start of the new year too :/ Also is it normal to ejaculate so quickly? 2 months without any stimulation but I still feel like I should of been able to handle it... Or do I have more than one problem here?

    Thanks for reading & I appreciate any support you guys can give me.
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    If it wasn't intentional then youre good to go, however, sometimes we can make up excuses and try to play off the cold hard truth, which is that we did it with the intent of pleasure. Not saying this was the case for you, but be careful, and best of luck on your NoFap journey!
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