Accomplished 103 days by going the path of a fully-living man

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Michael Sternig, Nov 4, 2019.

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    Several months ago, after reading many of the stories here, I set myself the goal of writing a success story. But first, I had to abstain porn/masturbation for little while of course. This has been the case right now, it's day 103. I joined the Spartan challenge after my last relapse and pulled through, not giving in and holding on to the values of discipline, self control, focus, commitment and training.

    I am married since several years and joined nofap in 2018 already. I had some good streaks but never achieved a breakthrough, which I feel I'm having now.

    The thing that's different now and which contributed to me staying free from PM is me going the path of a grown-up fully-living man. A real man. A guy on the top of his game. What I mean by that is that as a man, I want to lead my life, lead my family, use my strength for the greater good; be successful at work; organise things well; not letting things undone, grow with every challenge and every new task put in front of me, not being afraid of failure, not giving in. Being centered and content as my standard mood, not depending solely on others (including my wife) to be happy. Being confident and strong even if doubted.

    By going this path and growing in all these attitudes, PM has absolutely no place. It's the exact opposite of being content, strong and centered - you do something to get some pleasure but realise afterwards it only makes you more empty and your hunger will never be satisfied. The Spartan challenge (challenge section) really motivated me and checking in daily is a positive feedback for my brain to stay on track.

    All this ideas of manhood I got from some books, namely: "the way of the superior man", "how to be a 3% man" and last but not least: the new testament with Paul, Peter and all the other bold and brave men (and women too).

    By growing in fully living as a man the relationship to my wife improved and together with not fapping I want real, authentic, deeply soul connected love sex more then ever instead of just having an orgasm.

    For now, I am sure to continue the path and also will be watchful on my thoughts and desires every day.
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    Congrats, the books aforementioned are well and truly beneficial for the nofap journey. I finished reading “The Rational Male” and the content was super helpful in recovering my masculinity
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    This is really an inspiring story, I hope a lot of people read through it. You have given a big gift to the community by sharing. Congrats Spartan!
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    Good to hear it. Glad that spartan challenge made you last this way. Have a good life ahead
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