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  1. First things first, click the "WATCH THREAD" button (to the right), make this your internet homepage, bookmark this web url, add this to your favorites, comment to receive alerts, or something because you're going to be visiting this thread every day for your check up!

    I'll check up on you, you check up on me, we both check on the others. We will encourage each other until this thread eventually just fades, but I will keep going until it's just me left. I will keep updating this thread DAILY no matter what. I don't care if no one visits this thread anymore, I will humbly keep going until the END. Hopefully though, you all decide to stay by my side and the rest of the brothers who are participating.

    Introduce yourself! Let's hear your tips/advice, your story, your problems, your solutions, your success, your streak, and so on. I will listen, and so will others. For example, what are some positive things you did today? How did you resist your urge today? What made you start NoFap? How are you feeling? What is something that you've learned about NoFap today? A science article? Etc.. All topics about NoFap is allowed.

    like every comment of yours because I'm listening, and because
    I'm here for my brothers! I want to deeply get to know all of you :emoji_slight_smile:
    Let this be a brotherhood of men who want to become the best possible versions of ourselves.:emoji_green_heart:



    • This is to encourage NoFap and gives participators a chance to show the world their determination to beat this addiction.
    • To participate, make sure you have your day counter on and constantly updated. You must not be away for longer than 2 weeks.
    • Don't ask to have your name up on the awards list. Don't worry, I'll be watching carefully.
    • If you join this thread for the first time and you're already on day 55 for example, you'll be added when you hit the next award.

    • Award Descriptions:
      • Those with Red Ribbons are on the way to recovery. Keep going!
      • Those with Achievement Medals have reached the standard 90 day reboot. Great job!
      • Those who have a Medal of Honor are clearly doing an amazing job. They are veterans of NoFap.
      • Those who have Masters Trophies are seriously masters of NoFap. They have turned their lives around for the better. One whole year.. That is very impressive.
      • Those with Graduation Caps are men who have beat their PMO addictions. For the rest of their lives they will continue to practice NoFap and feel all of the benefits that come with it. This is no easy feat.
      • Hall of famers are active leaders amongst men. Masters of NoFap who not only help themselves, but help other fellow brothers. Reserved only for the most honorable examples of men. 1 year minimum.

    • Congratulations to all award holders!

    :emoji_reminder_ribbon:30 Day Red Ribbon: @HellooooBB @widdendreampenguin @Thadeus Tuffington @Grimace8777

    90 Day Achievement Medal:

    :emoji_medal:180 Day Medal of Honor:

    :emoji_trophy:1 Year Masters Trophy:

    :emoji_mortar_board:2 Years NoFap Graduation Cap:

    :emoji_prince:Hall of Fame (Honorable):


    Personal Journey

    Edit 1/20/2020: I am so glad how successful and popular this thread has become. I love how many people it reached, how many people this is going to help, how many people this will impact. Really great stuff.

    Edit 2/2/2020: So many people are not coming back every day and doing their daily check up. This is bad. If you are seeing this, make a commitment! Trust me, when you make a commitment to come back everyday and be actively engaged, you will notice your determination and your willingness to have longer/better streaks will increase tremendously. My average relapse time has went from 1-2 days, to 7-9 days since I started this thread. You can do it!

    Edit 8/12/2020: Help.. Rock bottom.

    Edit 3/1/2021: I'm still here. I'm trying every single day to quit this nasty pmo habit. I've failed hundreds of times, but I refuse to give up. It's been really really tough. I've quitted cigarettes and have quitted every drug you could imagine, and porn in my opinion is way harder to quit.

    I've seen the worst of the worst porns out there, seen escorts, seen dominatrixes (bdsm you pay for), done live skype sex video calls, and spent tons of $$$$ on sex related businesses at the age of 20. This addiction has completely spiraled out of control. I truly believe I must be in the top 99% for porn/sex addiction.

    My friends would of never in their life imagined that this nice guy is doing all this behind secret. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of all the opportunities i missed out on. I'm sick of all the chances with women I messed up with. I'm sick of all the social anxiety moments I had at gatherings and parties. I'm sick at all the damage my brain has went through. I'm sick of the depression, the loneliness, the pain, the addiction. I'm so fucking sick of all this bullshit!!

    But guess what? I'm going do it this time. I really am. I've got too much to lose. I've got too many people counting on me. I've got too many dreams and aspirations. I've got too many goals. I've got too many things to experience in life to waste it on a 5 second orgasm.

    Edit 7/28/2021: I now average 7-15 days before I relapse. Progress is slow my friends.

    My highest streak so far: 23 days


    Start your journey off with my favorite motivational video. Please watch. It's only 1 minute.

    As you lay on your death bed, how will you feel? Will you feel accomplished or will you feel as if you lived a life of many regrets? If you live a life unaccomplished with many regrets, your dreams and everything you've ever wanted to do will die with you. It's that simple. So take action today and work on living your best life! This all starts with NoFap.


    *Note: There is no "membership". Yes we try to hold people accountable, but we're just helping each other out. Everyone is free to post, and free to stop whenever.
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  2. Today is day 1 for me and comes a long journey ahead! I want you guys to celebrate your milestones, tell your stories, why you guys relapsed, discuss tips and tricks, and so on. I'm here for you, others are here from you. Porn addiction is a silent issue, but not here. :)
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  3. AcousticBruce

    AcousticBruce Fapstronaut

    I'm with you man. I am ready. Starting now.
  4. day 2 going strong

    I'm so incredibly addicted to porn, that I sometimes scream in to my pillow or have headache type urges on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th day of NoFap. Even going past 1 week is incredibly difficult and has been almost impossible for me every time I try to go on NoFap. I have watched porn since I was 8, fapped since I was 12, and have been fapping ever since (i'm 19). I just fapped yesterday and I feel like i'm digging my own grave. It sucks so bad that I just want to cry at times.

    Porn has given me social anxiety, slower thinking (brain fog), depression, awkward moments/situations with friends and random people, low emotional intelligence, lack of personality, Attention deficit disorder (ADD), sleepiness/lack of energy, laziness, girls don't look as pretty, desensitization, monotone speech, Erectile dysfunction, lack of motivation, ACNE, thinner hair, and so on. There's also something called the "Blunted Effect" in which you look emotionally flat lined, as if you are a robot or "grey" and you can't really express feelings of joy, excitement, happiness, sadness, panic like how a normal person should. I can't believe I have all these symptoms... and yet I still thought fapping was a good idea... PMO = lower testosterone levels + lower dopamine levels = symptoms.

    I must stop because like you and so many others, I have dreams and aspirations. I want to reach a higher vibration and look at the world from a beautiful, creative, and spiritual perspective as if I was a kid. I want to start my own business, find my soulmate, raise kids, be successful, and live to the fullest. I have failed hundreds of times (literally hundreds of times) and have used countless excuses along my NoFap journey, but this time I'm absolutely 100% determined to make NoFap not just a journey, but a permanent lifestyle.
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  5. Harmanchoudhary

    Harmanchoudhary Fapstronaut

    I am also 19 year old at present on 30th day
  6. You're a lot ahead than me! Keep it up! you must feel some benefits by now.
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  7. Harmanchoudhary

    Harmanchoudhary Fapstronaut

    I have gone much longer like 6mnths too.....See first 21 days are hardest just get pass them....... The main benifit clarity of mind it's just great and second one I don't give a fuck about anything
  8. SemenRetentionKing

    SemenRetentionKing New Fapstronaut

    Nice thread. For the first 2 weeks I would avoid being alone or being at home as long as possible. Work more, socialize more, go outside to the gym more, hell go eat out to a nice place just to avoid being home. Do this until the urge somewhat settles down.

    I'm new, and it seems like I clicked the thread at the right time. Good luck guys.
  9. I appreciate your message and welcome to the thread King. The problem is, I'm kind of lazy to even go to the gym... Socializing is a bit difficult but ill try. And i don't have a job. But I know what you mean
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  10. C12345

    C12345 Fapstronaut

    Im in, Ive been struggling to quit since May. Hopefully I can hit 90 days this time.
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  11. Welcome C12345 , I want you to hit 90 days with me. I'm on day 2 as well!
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  12. Darth_vader33

    Darth_vader33 Fapstronaut

    Hi corylife, I'm on day 5, I want hit 90 days. I'm spanish speaker xD
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  13. No suprise there. Porn is a worldwide issue so u can't expect everyone to speak english. Welcome
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  14. I'll check in once a week or so.
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  15. day 3 im doing fine. i had minor urges and sleeping was a struggle. hope you all are doing fine.
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    AHMEDTAWBA New Fapstronaut

    Day 1 , i am ready for the long journey !
    each day i will come here and say what i feel insha Allah
  17. JoJames

    JoJames Fapstronaut

    Day 1. I need a full reset. Ive been addicted to internet porn for most of my teenage life. It’s been mindless, I didn't even think about it. Now I’m 17 and I’m with an amazing girl who I’m lucky to have, but I have trouble staying hard because it isn't the environment I’m used to. Head feel very different compared to masterbation. Im hoping to make 90 days as well. I probably wont help my goals to have a girl teasing me all the time, but i think if i can make 90 days it will help my mind reprogram. I really think this is a beatable problem, I hope company helps. Thanks for being here. Sorry for that bad pun at the end there i couldn't help it.
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  18. JoJames

    JoJames Fapstronaut

    This seems like sound advice. Thank you. The mental game does seem like a big issue. Does it get easier later on?
  19. Are you abstaining only from Porn and masturbation? What about orgasm? I would still avoid orgasm with a girlfriend.
  20. Darth_vader33

    Darth_vader33 Fapstronaut

    Today, I had some fights with P because I ran into some temptations while watching about computer security on twitter, but I managed to overcome it, I do not deny that thoughts came to me about what I was doing before, but I remembered the reason why I am here, day 6

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