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  1. Day 2
    I'm returning to regular workouts and the next 30-60 days are going to be challenging.
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    Day 16

    I wasn't gonna double post today but Solutions focused therapy (SFTP) said to double down on the things that are working so here we go hehe.

    I'm training Monday Wednesday Friday. That means four rest days! Where I take a 10 minutes walk is about it. Man when I go for that short walk in the morning it's happy time though :)

    The air's so clean and there are so few people yay. I really enjoy it!

    Studying's going well. I just knocked out 1.75 hours today. That's good for a workday. I found my new library. It's open from 9am-10pm that's awesome.

    The rest were only open at 10am

    So I have about an hour from 9-10 to study and then go back home for work at 1030

    I practiced Visualizing Success today in SFTP style. I visualized being in a nice two bedroom house/townhouse with my partner. Plenty of space. And making $70k+ working 25 hours a week. Three day weekends every week :) :)

    Ahh sounds so nice. Working for J's company post licensure.

    And just being very happy, healthy and wealthy. Time for intermediate level training.

    Well, I think I'd either go further with calisthenics or just maintain at beginner level calisthenics with an increase in martial arts training. There's a Jeet Kun Do place near where we're wanting to live which is somewhat of a rarity. That's pretty cool and it's been one of many dreams to be a black belt heh.

    Honestly I think calisthenics is 'the middle path' for me. #Buddha

    Because Calisthenics is awesome. And 'It's working' so double down on it ya?

    Maybe post exam in december I can go up to intermediate level.

    But first

    The Current Training!

    Hah bear with me please because I often change this up and I'm doing my best to commit and stay committed to this plan until I master it or move up to an intermediate level that includes all the same exercises.

    Full body MWF three supersets:

    Back lever | Dip
    Pull-up | Push-up
    Horse Stance | L-Sit hold

    K that's it.

    I guess I can do M/F yoga and Weds shadowboxing. Trying to get in 10 minutes of 'invisible jump rope' (jumping with no rope). Like all three days as my warm up and also they said the greatest longevity was proven in studies to be gleaned through strength training minimum once per week and minimum 20minutes cardio per week.

    That basically prioritizes cardio and strength training for me.

    If I can make it to intermediate then, Jeez that's 5 days training a week. So much!

    That would be like maybe three days yoga 2 days martial arts or vice versa. Wow that's a lotta training.

    If I tried to mix in a JKD membership hmmm????

    I'd drop it to two full body workout days a week. And 3 martial arts days the rest of the week. phew that'd be intense. So much sparring lol

    I dunno I'm pretty happy with my life right now. I spar my friends. I don't really get injured ever. It'd be a risk to try to spar randoms at a gym. :\

    Might be a lot of fun though. And I could get that black belt :)

    I dunno what the dream would be in calisthenics really. I guess to get to 185lbs under 10% bodyfat. I'm at 175 under 10% atm.

    Those last ten are hard though!

    I don't like training with a weight vest so that means I gotta do like slower reps and deeper holds I guess. To try to build mass.

    Shrugs. I'm pretty content so it's like easy to just keep coasting haha.

    Once I'm at my visualize success point in approximately March of next year. so 5 months. I'll feel like I don't really have to do anything lol.

    But, I want to get to intermediate level training in calisthenics. Advanced is six days a week that's too crazy for my mind right now.

    I'd be satisfied with int level. Upper lower huh? Hmmmmm

    Let's get to that 90 degree pushup ;) @higor pereira araujo
  3. higor pereira araujo

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    That`s awesome bro. I love your ambition and obsession dude. The whole visualization stuff... it`s ballsy, I love that.
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  4. higor pereira araujo

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    Checking in - Yesterday two explicit e-books pop up out of nowhere on my kindle, and I was alone at home... but I just deleted them, and managed it like a pro.

    I never felt so excited and happy in my life, and that`s because now I`m studying Japanese (which I love so fucking much), and creating a business about language learning. That`s helping me a lot. But the thing is, I`m obsessed with that stuff, so I don`t like to spend my time doing anything else, for that reason I work out only 10 minutes a day (that`s a warm-up for many people), every day and I don`t know if that`s enough.

    I've doing that for a year, I guess, and it made a difference in my body. I got ripped, a little.
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    Thanks. It did take some courage to visualize my ideal future and try to make it a reality.

    Day 17

    Incorporating more rest, less yoga and more martial arts. Spending more time studying at the library. Love studying and listening to music. People complain a lot about studying but, I find it highly enjoyable. heh.

    Doing well I don't really think about PMO. But, if it comes up my plan's to come post on here, relax, watch anime, or read. Just any other thing to distract myself : )
  6. ZenYogi

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    Dang nice. That's awesome you're so into Japanese and marketing teaching it.

    I think 10 mins a day is fine if that's working for you. What do you do normally in those 10m?

    If you want to just get in good shape you could probably alternate days of upper and lower/core. IE: 1-2 sets of push ups and chin-ups on upper. 1-2 sets of squats and L-sit on lower/core. Rest 1-2 days a week with a walk.

    IE: UL rest ULU rest
  7. Checkin'. These two days are some of the busiest days of this month. But I did my regular routine of morning and evening meditation plus tapping exercises. I also had racing in my mind yesterday but they came and go.
  8. higor pereira araujo

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    Well, I follow one of Chris Heria's workout routine, for the whole body. It`s a training of strength. Thanks a lot for the help man, I always had this doubt in the back of my mind. Honestly, I think Calisthenics it`s super cool, but I gotta be focused on other stuff.
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  9. higor pereira araujo

    higor pereira araujo Fapstronaut

    Checking in - I`m doing good, but today I woke up in the middle of the night and I had a wet dream. I gotta be very careful today.
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    NoFap Defender


  11. ZenYogi

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    Sounds good to me Chris definitely knows his stuff. How'd he get those abs tho, seriously? I want the secret lol

    Day 18

    Yay ^_^ I'm so happy I'm at day 18. I want to recap progress:

    • Incorporated four rest days into my routine (lot of rest needed to pay back overtraining debt to my body <3 )
    • Joined accountability calls group Sundays 8-930pm.
    • Started eating salad @[email protected]
    • Added four hours of work per week to help make rent

    I've been drawing this week. Feeling inspired I guess. It's uh, kinda nice. Pretty sleepy, I did my sleep routine properly last night. But was too hyped up from the youtube videos lol. So I guess I'll just watch anime. And Yea, not much I really need to checkout on YT. Aside from a couple yoga videos.

    You know, if it's not broken don't fix it. So, I draw and I don't show it to anyone. Except maybe a trusted person or two who comes over to my place. And I don't watch much else besides anime. Unless it's with C (my gf). This is the thread I'm on. Nothing too crazy. Heh.

    Four rest days has been nice. I wonder if my energy levels will recover soon. Going up to five days seems a lot to me. Maybe I'll just stay at three. Tired but, looking forward to hitting the library.

    I got some advice I've heard my whole life today.

    'Shop at Walmart, eat at home, save as much money as you can.'

    Sounds about right to me to be honest :)
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  12. ThisSideThatSide

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    resetting again and again, i need to go at it again, start from square 1. I got too proud, too careless. need to give it my full attention and discipline.
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  13. higor pereira araujo

    higor pereira araujo Fapstronaut

    Checking in - I`m progressing fine, I guess this is the 5th day. But I`m dealing with sleep deprivation and wet dreams. And today I had such a scary nightmare, basically, a bystander saw me at a party looking at underage girls in a leering way, so she sent me a letter, a warning that If I wasn`t careful she would put me in prison.
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  14. Checkin'. Today was a good social day. It was a traditional day where we have to wear our traditional clothes. I didn't have any traditional clothes to wear but I enjoyed a lot in this occasion. I don't want to contemplate and dive too much into this. Like grief, joy also comes and goes by each passing moment. It is what it is. I am learning many things through guided meditation. Its is cool that we should cherish the good moments but i guess we should be *more present * towards things happening. I am going back home today. I think its time to move on.
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    Day 19

    I spent the day in an underground hovel. Drinking tea with Bilbo Baggins. We recounted the wondrous life of Frodo. Bilbo said he didn't feel it was worth it to take the ring just to live longer. It drained a part of his soul in the process.

    I replied, seems like the elves are the only one's who have it good you know? Long life and no side effects. But who really knows? Maybe it's not so bad to be human in this life. At least I'm not a Dwarf. I just don't like the idea of being short hairy and stout after all this time being the opposite.

    I stopped adventuring. I just sat in my Smial. Drinking and smoking with Bilbo. Telling stories and eating good food. Oh how we laughed. I'm a human that learned to live like a Hobbit. It's kind of nice really. Once you get used to it. The fact that nothing very dangerous or adventurous is going to happen anytime soon.

    And what lovely pastries we can make ^_^ Laughs we can have. The gatherings with the neighbors. It's special in its' own Shire kind of way.


    Guess my non metaphorized entry would be. Studying is hecka tiring -_- but I get a lot done staying home. I just cook clean and study outside of work and exercise. It's simple and a lot of people would call it drab. But I call it productivity. I see my girlfriend on weekends. I see my friends and family maybe bi weekly. I can always call pa or ma. Though Ma is usually more busy :(

    It's a simple and structured life. 'A routine can keep you sane.' -Dad .....Boring as it may be sometimes :)


    Humdrum. I guess I'm just waiting for the excitement to come again. To be honest. I think the big time excitedment for me is getting to spar people. Maybe when I'm licensed in January. I'll get into sparring biweekly with Kale and Rupert. Wonder if Braun would be down to spar too, he has a black belt in TKD.

    Guess there's no rush. Still trying to find a way to strengthen my wrist for hard sparring. Been doing fist push ups. Kinda makes sense right? :)
  16. higor pereira araujo

    higor pereira araujo Fapstronaut

    Checking in - Going to the 6th or 7th day, I`m very surprised at how well I`m dealing with my negative emotions, I finally learned how to use my coping skills when I need them.

    But, my blocker on my phone stopped working so perhaps I have easy access to porn, I don`t know.
  17. Checkin'. Currently travelling right now so i am not able to meditate till day after tomorrow.
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  18. Punisher7734

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    Checkin, I relapsed sucks but i'll start over with a new game plan.
  19. ZenYogi

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    Day 20

    Power went out in the living room. Didn't knwo I couldn't run all that stuff at once heh

    Now I'm stuck with no tv what a bummer. No anime :(

    I can watch on my laptop in bed but it's not the same -_-

    I can't use the burners till the powers back on. Landlord said they'd send someone today to help me but no one has arrived and no reply to three texts. Lame

    My main issue today isn't that powers out. It's that I'm all tired and overheated from being in the sun at the outdoor mall nearby. Whatever tho I know what sizes I am at Uniqlo now so I can just buy crap online. Gosh I miss my tv.

    Haha I tried out the beginner and intermediate calisthenics workouts I learned. Now I'm planning to try the advanced version next week. That'll be fun.

    I tried out using gymnastics rings and a 30lb weight vest. Crap man I feel dead tired after using the vest. I guess you get used to it after a while.

    I'll probably use the rings, IDK about the vest. Maybe just on legs day or smth cause 50 bodyweight squats is a drag. lol.

    Feels better now I'm cooling off again. I have no thermostat control in ehre it's no good. I'm insisting on renting a place with thermostat control year round at my next place, and a full size washer dryer too.


    I used to train every set to failure. But, I'm trying to find a way to reduce fatigue now. So I'm planning to just mix in one AMRAP set per exercise and the rest of them are 70-90% effort.

    I kinda want to use the vest but...IDK. Feeling tired sucks. Training is hard when you deal with fatigue alot :\ Maybe I can learn how to recover better or something. I just finished a deload week with two rest days in it, tomorrows the third rest day where all I do is take a walk. Maybe there's a lot of fatigue to recover from? Like I was exhausted for too long and now it'll be a minute before I can full come back energy wise ? darn

    IDK what else to say? May the force be with you
  20. ZenYogi

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    I want you to know

    that I know

    that I’m totally crazy and we’re all on

    the crazy train together

    it’s just that I’m aware of the craziness

    not everyone can admit they’re a fool

    at times and wise at others

    I still joke in my head about sending dick

    pics to everyone including my bosses


    I never did anything like that tho

    Not unsolicited

    I still love me and us

    even tho we’re all craze in our own ways

    sends dick pics to everyone


    also when am I going to get some vag

    pics sent to me?

    Blah gotta get on that

    Top priority!

    forget all that career and health stuff

    my new MO is to get at least one vagina



    I got this!

    Let there be vaginas!
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